When Do People Usually Say OTW? Find The Answer Here!

When People Usually Say OTW – Heeey, buddy! This time we will discuss again about the OTW which was lost. But, before starting the discussion with OTW, which is only available at tiket.com, we discuss first, when people usually say OTW.

You must have been annoyed with OTW words that often come out from friends, family, or anyone. How not to be annoyed, if when you asked “where have you been” then your friends replied, “Already OTW.” but they aren’t still coming.

Well, instead of you getting upset and don’t know what to do, it’s time to find out when people usually say OTW. So, you doesn’t feel like you’re being lied to! The following are times that people usually say OTW when in fact it hasn’t been OTW!

When People Usually Say OTW?

1. When They Forget There Is an Appointment

It’s really annoying, when you have arranged an appointment to meet your friend, and they forgot it! Well, the weapons say they will throw is the OTW word. Once they forget if you have an appointment with you to meet for hang out.

Instead of they got your scolding, the OTW words become their savior. What about you? have you ever been in this position or not?

2. Late to Wake Up Because of Overtime

Make an appointment on a holiday, then stay up late because of a lot of work? Hemm, prepare yourself because you will hear the word OTW from your friend. Even though they just woke up and is still in the blanket!

Instead of failed to meet and difficulty managing the time to meet in another time, then using the word OTW can be a savior. Even though you know, it’s really annoying to say that it’s already OTW but they’re still getting out of bed just yet ?! Hu Hu Hu.

3. Still Dressing and Finding the Right Clothes

This one when people usually say OTW is clearly going to women. You certainly know that girls will take times to prepare clothes and touch up when they want to hang out, right?

So, if you ask your friend that “do you are already on the way or not?”, make sure they already on a way. maybe he said OTW is just because she’s scared by your scolding, but in fact, she’s still doing makeup! Hehehe.

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