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What to Prepare Before Watching Kpop Concert Blackpink: In Your Area

After you finally get a ticket to watch the Blackpink concert that you’ve dreamed of all this time, maybe it has been weeks, months, or even years, now it’s time for you to prepare everything before watching the Blackpink concert.

It is okay that you feel so happy about the show, but don’t be lulled for too long, because there are still a few things you must prepare before watching the concert. What are the preparations before watching the Kpop concert Blackpink: In Your Area? Check out the following helpful tips.

1. Preparation After Buying Blackpink Concert Tickets

  • Prepare Your Budget
    Persiapan Nonton Konser Blackpink
    Watching concerts can make you spend quite a lot, such as for meals, drinks, transportation, parking, merchandise, and maybe also new clothes for watching Blackpink’s concerts. Well, try to estimate what your expenses will be so that you can save and all your needs during the concert can be fulfilled.

  • Choose the Right Outfit
    Watching concerts is the right time to showcase your personal fashion. For that, prepare the outfit that you want to use when watching the Blackpink concert later. Do you want to dress up all-out Korean style, or casual, all up to you, the important thing is you are comfortable using it.

  • Memorize All Songs and Lyrics
    Persiapan Nonton Konser Blackpink
    The best experience when watching your favorite music concert is when you can sing along all the songs with other fans. For that you should memorize all the lyrics of Blackpink’s songs by listening to all the songs, even when you are in the car, in the office, and before going to bed.

  • Post It on Social Media
    Please share your happiness because you have the opportunity to watch the Blackpink concert that you have been dreaming of all this time. That way you can also know who is watching this concert and maybe you don’t need to watch the concert alone and be able to go together. One thing that is very crucial, you should never post your ticket to watch Blackpink concert to prevent data theft.

2. Preparation A Few Days Before Blackpink Concert

  • Find Out the Route to the Concert Location
    Persiapan Nonton Konser Blackpink
    To avoid getting panic on the concert day, you should know well the route from where you depart to the location of the Blackpink concert at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition.

  • Figure Out Parking Spot
    If you bring a vehicle to come to watch the Blackpink concert, then you need to estimate your parking spot later. Because finding a parking space at the last minute can be very troublesome and also a waste of time. You can avoid it by finding out about parking options available before the day. If you don’t want to be bothered with parking, then you can leave using a taxi.

  • Estimate Leaving Time
    Persiapan Nonton Konser Blackpink
    Estimating your leave time is also one important thing to do. If you go with friends, you have to determine the meeting point and the travel time to the concert location. If you go to the concert alone, then you only need to estimating what time to leave and the travel time to be on the concert location so you won’t be late.

3. Making A List of Things to Bring

Each event applies different policies. Therefore, you should first find out what you can and cannot bring during the Blackpink concert. For example, some events won’t allow you to carry a camera. So instead weighing your backpack carrying it yet you can’t take it in, it is better to leave your camera at home. Don’t forget to list the items you should bring to the concert.

Persiapan Nonton Konser Blackpink

Example of List of Items You Must Bring:


  • Blackpink concert ticket
  • ID card
  • Some cash
  • Smartphone
  • Powerbank
  • Spare clothes
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • etc


4. The Concert Day Preparation

  • Eat and Drink Enough
    Don’t forget to eat and also drink enough so that you have the energy to watch the whole concert. Don’t miss breakfast and don’t be dehydrated because you don’t drink enough. Because watching concerts requires enough energy. You definitely don’t want to pass out during the concert and miss your favorite songs.

  • Prepare Your Smartphone
    Before leaving to watch the Blackpink concert, make sure your smartphone battery is fully charged.

  • Review the List of Items You Must Bring
    Don’t forget to double check the list of items you have to bring. Don’t miss anything.

  • Be On Time
    Don’t come late and miss the song you like. You better come a few hours before the concert starts. Also by arriving early, you can look around and buy some merchandises that sold there.

  • Decide Meeting Point
    Before the event starts, pick one place to meet if later in the middle of the concert you are separated from your friends. Because sometimes you won’t get any signal in your phone to contact your friends.

  • Enjoy the Show!
    Persiapan Nonton Konser Blackpink
    When everything is in its place, now is the time to have fun and enjoy the impressive concert of Blackpink.

Watching the Blackpink concert is definitely more exciting if you have prepared everything. Don’t forget to lock your house while you are away watching the concert. Beside the preparation, read also this interesting article about Blackpink’s unique facts that you need to know. Blackpink: In Your Area concert ticket is still available on Get it before it’s sold out. Enjoy the show!