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Vacation Tips Based on Your Personality, Introvert or Extrovert?

Everyone loves traveling. Who doesn’t? Right now you may have a plan for your next trip to some places you’ve been wanting to visit. Well, did you know that your personality could affect on where you pick to go? Every personality has tendencies on where they want to go or how they want to spend their time during the vacation. In this article, we are going to talk about vacation tips based on your personality. Therefore, you will get the best experience on your vacation.

Vacation Tips Based on Your Personality

First thing first, you need to ask yourself what kind of personality that you have. Are you an introvert or extrovert kind of person. Are you like being in crowded place and meet new people or tend to choose quieter place and having the best ‘me time’ you can get.

If you know the answer about your own personality, then we have some tips for you so you can have the best vacation experience. Let’s go find out the tips below.

Trip for the Introverts

1. Find Less Crowded Place

Tips Traveling for Introvert

One thing that makes introvert and extrovert very different is introverts tend to pick a place that is quieter to spend their time. Introverts have different social energy than the extroverts. They will find it difficult to blend in a crowded place. Not like extrovert who get their energy by seeing people.

Thus, the first tips if you are an introvert and want to go on a vacation is picking the right place. Choose a place which is not too crowded but can give you relieve to spend your time there. Major options for you to go are mountain, beach, woods, or else. Find the best place that can make you feel relaxed and maybe you can get new inspiration.

2. Use Your Devices Less Often

Tips Traveling for Introvert

An introvert usually go on a vacation to get peace. They want to escape from the noise they hear and the rush they see everyday. They also want to get free from daily routine they always have. Another tips for you is to minimize your time being in front of screen.

Lose yourself from daily task and enjoy your vacation. Don’t make yourself get panic attack when you receive chores given by your boss via mail or even phone calls. It is important for you to leave those all behind.

Furthermore, you need to limit yourself from social media while you are on a vacation. Use your social media only when you want to post your picture. The point of a vacation is to enjoy your time on the place you are visiting, not on screen, right? Don’t worry about being out of date of anything that happened out there. You can catch up after you are coming back from your vacation.

3. Find the Right Destination

Tips Traveling for Introvert

The third tips for introverts who want to go on a vacation is, if you want to go somewhere especially abroad, make sure about the characteristic of the country you are visiting. Are those countries matched with your profile?

Basically, the right recreational destination for introverts is a place which has rich natural tourism and more dominant culture. A few options you can choose such as mountains and beaches at eastern Indonesia, Kyoto in Japan, New Zealand, or Iceland.

Trip for the Extroverts

1. Check Out Seasonal Festival Around You

Traveling Tips for Ekstrovert

Not like the introverts who love quiet place and less interaction with people, extroverts are more likely to visit the crowded place where they can meet a lot of new people. Well, festival events will suit this need weel. They will be excited to attend or participate in an exciting event like that. They will feel energized. Besides having a new experience, they could get to know more people by going to that kind of events. They can meet another traveler from another town or maybe another country.

2. Hanging Out at the Bar or Restaurant

Traveling Tips for Ekstrovert

The social energy that extroverts have is huge. So that they can channel it in the right places when they are traveling. They will feel more confident to step into new places and will not be hesitated to meet new people. Extroverts also very easy to make conversation with new people.

If you are an extrovert, you can make use of that social energy to find new friends. You can find them at a place like bar, restaurant, or any public places. You can meet other travelers and sharing your thoughts about traveling and destinations. You can drink or eat together while chit-chatting.

3. Find the Right Destination

Traveling Tips for Extrovert

A little bit different from introverts, extroverts also need to pick the right place to go. Going on a place with a beautiful view and quiet is cool, but you will feel different from what introverts will feel. You will feel kind of lonely and need some company to have with you.

You have a lot of options to choose from. You can travel to cities that have so many urban tourism like Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, etc.

Interesting, right? You can travel anywhere you like, but you must have some tendencies in choosing the place. Beside the place, you also have tendencies on how you are going to spend the trip based on your personality. So after reading this article, now you can get the most out of your vacation either you are an introvert or extrovert. Find the best experience for you. If you already know where to go, you can book your flight, train or hotel on and find the best deals for all personalities.