Liburan ke Pantai Pandawa


Vacation to Pandawa Beach Bali: These Are 5 Water Sports That You Can Try

Bali has the beauty of a beach which is one of the magnets for tourists to return to, one of which is Pandawa Beach. This beach is often called “secret beach” because it is located behind a large cliff. There is so many activities you can do here if you are planning a vacation to Pandawa Beach beside swimming, you want to know what are those? Look here!

5 Water Sport When Vacationing on Bali’s Pandawa Beach

  1. Fun surfing

If you are on the beach, especially in Bali, surely you will often see many tourists wading through the surf with their sled in the middle of the beach. Unlike Kuta Beach, there are not many tourists who surfing here, so it is suitable for those of you who want to play water surfing as long as possible.

Liburan ke Pantai Pandawa - Berselancar

There are certain times to enjoy the waves on the Pandawa Beach. For those of you who are already proficient in surfing and looking for challenges, you can come here from October to April. For a more challenging surfing experience, try to the east end of the beach, which has a bit of beach sand and pretty high waves. However, for those of you who are beginners and just want to play, you can come in the morning when the beach waves are still friendly and not too high. Interested? The rate for renting surfboards on Pandawa Beach ranges from IDR 50,000 * per hour.

  1. Take the Kano Boat

You can’t surf? Don’t worry, there are other water sports available on the beach like trying to ride a canoe. This activity is very fun to do when you get a vacation ticket to Pandawa Beach with friends or family. The Canoe Boat is an oval-shaped small boat that has a capacity of 3 people and uses paddle tools to move.

Each tourist is also equipped with a life jacket for those who cannot swim. To try this activity, each tourist will be charged fees ranging from IDR 20,000 to IDR 50,000 per hour for single canoes and double canoes. A cool time while on vacation to Pandawa Beach to play canoe is the morning before noon when not many visitors come. Most tourists are enjoying canoeing here from the afternoon until sunset.

  1. Have fun riding a Banana Boat

After you can try a canoe boat beforehand, there are more suitable activities to be enjoyed together with your friends or family by riding a Banana Boat. As the name suggests, this one water sport uses a long yellow bright air banana boat. The passenger capacity can reach 4-5 people in one boat. You will explore the beach quickly on a boat pulled by a water boat or speed boat.

Liburan ke Pantai Pandawa - Banana Boat

While on vacation to Pandawa Beach, this one sports activity is also a favorite among beach visitors. For the rates charged, you need to spend Rp. 60,000 * per person.

  1. Diving Seeing the Beauty of the Sea

Visiting the beach is incomplete if you don’t see the beauty of marine life, especially if you are on vacation to Pandawa Beach. You can try snorkeling activities in clear beach water and see a variety of beautiful animals and sea plants. You will swim with a simple oxygen device and a life jacket for those who cannot swim.

Liburan ke Pantai Pandawa - Snorkeling

If you want to explore deeper, you can try scuba diving with a variety of more diving equipment too. Before diving, you will take a small boat to be escorted to the best spot around the sea of Pandawa Beach for diving. There are officers who will maintain your security while in the water so there is no need to worry. Fees that you must pay for snorkeling ranging from Rp 125,000.00 * and diving starts from Rp290,000.00 per person.

  1. Test Adrenaline by Playing Paragliding

bored with activities on the beach like swimming and sunbathing? If you are on a holiday to Pandawa Beach, you can try adrenaline activities like paragliding. No need to worry, because you will be accompanied by a guard when flying above. If you want to try, you have to go to the first point for a paragliding ride on Bukit Timbis. the distance is about 4 km from the Pandawa Beach. There are several paragliding service providers that have been certified, so don’t worry about safety issues.

Liburan ke Pantai Pandawa - Paralayang

When above, you will be treated to a beautiful panorama of the ocean and rows of cliffs that surround the coast. The best time for paragliding is on a sunny morning so you can see the senses of the blue ocean and the cliffs around it or in the afternoon when the sun sets. Guaranteed to make your holiday experience to your Pandawa Beach more memorable. If interested, the costs involved in trying this activity range from Rp.450,000 *.

Now, you have several new activities that can be included in the itinerary while on vacation to Bali’s Pandawa Beach. Holiday to Bali is not complete if you do not visit this cool tourist location in here. So, preparing an Itinerary can make your holiday more organized. You can take a look at Bali Itinerary 3D2N version for the example.

The next important step when planning a vacation is to find a place to stay. You can find various hotels in Bali that are right when planning a vacation to Pandawa Beach on the site or downloading the application. Have a good vacation!

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