Vacation Benefits


10 Vacation Benefits For Employees that You Probably Don’t Know

Vacation Benefits – Now is the best time to plan your vacation. Yes, now. Maybe some of you have been planning to go on vacation. Well, for those who haven’t and may think that a vacation is not something that should be prioritized, then you need to read this article. Because there are many good things that you will get when you go on vacation.

The Importance of Vacation Benefits for Your Health

Vacations have a role that is as important as the career you are currently pursuing. Without a vacation, your life will not be balanced, and the balance between work and vacation is very important. Believe me, you won’t regret going on a vacation after reading this list of vacation benefits. So, what are the benefits? Let’s read further!

1. Vacation Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack

Vacation Benefits

Your body will be very grateful when you go on vacation. The first vacation benefit is to reduce the risk of a heart attack. As we know that going on vacation can reduce your stress level, and that is closely related to the reduced risk of heart attack.

2. Vacation Can Increase Chances of Getting a Raise

Vacation Benefits

Maybe this point of the vacation benefit seems not relevant. But in fact a study found that workers who consistently go on vacation can get better scores on their yearly performance-review compared to workers who rarely go on vacation, with a difference that can reach 10%. In addition, workers who vacation often also tend to be happier in doing their jobs and not easily give up on job challenges.

3. Vacation Helps to Keep Your Mind Calm

Vacation Benefits

If you rarely go on vacation, your brain will get used to it. But unfortunately this is not a good thing. Some neurologists believe that nerve connections that produce a feeling of calm will weaken when rarely utilized.

Well, over time, it will have an impact on brain performance which it will increasingly difficult to enter into rest mode, even when you are not working. Therefore the vacation benefits can help the nerve connection continue to work.

4. Vacation Can Increase Productivity

Vacation Benefits

Everyone has their own limits. If you work beyond your capacity, the results will not be optimal or counterproductive. The next vacation benefits can be a solution to this problem. If you go on a vacation, your productivity in the office will return to normal.

5. Vacation Makes You Live Longer

Vacation Benefits

After finding out that the vacation benefits are very good for your heart and brain, then it’s no wonder that European have longer life expectancies and lower health care costs. In Europe, workers get a 30-day vacation allotment per year. Even though in Indonesia there is no same policy, but don’t forget to go on vacation, fellas!

6. Vacation Increases Your Focus

Vacation Benefits

The next vacation benefit is to increase the concentration and effectiveness of your thinking, even for a long time. When you take the time to unwind by going on vacation from your daily routine, then you will be able to return to work with more confidence and ready to accept new, higher challenges.

7. Vacation Can Improve Creativity

Vacation Benefits

Even the most creative person needs the vacation benefits. You definitely need to spare your time to go on a vacation and not to think about daily work. Thinking is an activity that is quite exhausting. Therefore you need to take a break by going on vacation so that your brain can return to its maximum potential. By going on a vacation, later your brain can think fresh again and can produce creative solutions and breakthroughs.

8. Vacation Makes You Happier

Vacation Benefits

This point is quite obvious. Everyone knows that a vacation can make you happier. Even better, the happiness that you feel after returning from a vacation will certainly spread to your work colleagues, especially if you go on vacation with them. Thus the atmosphere in the office must be more exciting.

9. Vacation Gains Your Reserved Energy

Vacation Benefits

Another study shows that the vacation benefits can make your body save more energy. Thus, when you return to work after a vacation, all work will seem easier for you. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of vacation. When you come home after having a vacation, you will feel more refreshed and ready to devour all the tasks given to you.

10. Vacation Can Make You a Better Leader

Vacation Benefits

The benefits of vacation are not only obtained by workers, but also by the leaders. Nearly 85% of executives who participated in a study showed that they canceled their vacation plans because they could not leave their works.

This kind of behavior in the long run can in fact hurt the company. If company leaders can manage their vacation time, they can work with better creativity and be able to carry out the company’s mission and vision more optimally.

Let’s Go On a Vacation Right Away!

Last but not least, the vacation benefits can keep you young. Because stress levels that are chronic are believed to accelerate the aging process. So for those who want to stay young, the cure is by going on a vacation. Don’t be confused about choosing a destination, check these 10 Indonesia’s anti mainstream destinations for your reference. You can book a hotel at a cheap price from to make your vacation more exciting.