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⚡ The Unique Things That Can Only be Found in Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the cities in Indonesia which is famous for the cleanliness of the city. No wonder, there are so many awards that Surabaya got for the achievements of the City of Heroes.

You will also agree, right? If Surabaya has changed a lot since then until now? In the past, Surabaya was known as a city that was shabby, arid and hot. But now there have been many changes that make Surabaya a developed, clean and comfortable city to become a tourist destination.

For you who are still young, definitely looking for instagramable tourist destinations is a must when on vacation. No need to be sad, there are also contemporary and hits attractions that you can visit when you are in Surabaya. You can find out the 5 Modern Destinations in Surabaya to make your holiday more fun.

Unique Things in Surabaya

Talking about a place, city, or country, of course there are unique things that can only be found in that place. Likewise, with the city of Surabaya that will be discussed. In Surabaya, there are many unique things that you can find when you are in Surabaya. Here are some unique things that you can only meet in Surabaya.

1. The Longest Bridge in Indonesia, Suramadu

You definitely familiar, right, with the Suramadu Bridge connecting Surabaya and Madura? Well, this bridge has a length of 5.438 meters and is the longest in Indonesia.

The bridge which was inaugurated in June 2009 then has 8 lanes and consists of overpasses, connecting bridges and main bridges. The construction of the bridge is expected to be a solution to the emphasis on the amount of urbanization from Madura to Surabaya in economic terms. Surabaya residents should be proud of this with the longest bridge ownership in Indonesia.

2. Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

The Jalesveva Jayamahe or Monjaya monument is a monument that will remind you of the statue of Liberty. Yep, this is because the location is right on the edge of the sea and the green color of the statue.

This monument is only found in Surabaya, which is made by the Indonesian Navy. Apart from functioning as a Lighthouse of ships in the surrounding sea, this monument functions as well as its motto, Jalesveva Jayamahe, which means In the Sea We Victory.

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