Treat Your Mom Right by Not Doing 4 These Things During Mother’s Day

We often say love with honesty to friends or our loved ones. But what if we do that to our parents? Surely we are not used to it because it’s not ordinary things in our daily basis. Right, isn’t it?

Every day we are still stiff to honest about feelings and hidden it to someone we love, especially with mom and in the moments of Mother’s Day. Instead of saying that we love her, we only consider that Mother’s Day is a generally fleeting day. Ckckck. Can we just romanticize this with our mom, dude?

Don’t Do 4 These Things to Mom When Celebrating Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be once a year. Actually, we can do it every day! But, there are a lot of people who are reluctant to hug or say “I love you, Mom” even it is on Mother’s Day. Therefore, Mother’s day, which is only once a year we celebrate, it feels pretty good tho for us to thank our Mom for what she has done for us so far.

Even though there are so many things that we can do to make our mom happy, still do not ever do these 4 things on Mother’s Day! Just to remind you, sobat tiket ? ? ?

  1. Express Our Feelings About Mother’s Day Only on Social Media

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As technology is developed, we certainly often see that many people expressing what they are feeling in their social media, especially during the Mother’s Day, right? Not a few people who express their feelings that they love her mom and thank her. But it won’t work properly if our mom doesn’t have social media. We just upload and upload and saying about our love for her but the message is still not delivered. Isn’t it sad, sobat tiket?

Dare yourself to be brave and saying that you love Mom, which means is not only spoken on social media but also directly and makes her understand what you’re feeling.

  1. Holiday with Friends, but Forgot to Take a Holiday with Mom

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Sometimes we forget that the more we mature, the more our mom gets older. At the age of our mom now, her abilities are also diminishing. Sometimes we too often spend time with friends, hanging out or traveling regardless of spend time with mom. We also choose the destinations and vacations with friends and don’t realize that mom rarely does holiday when all her children are on vacation.

  1. Think and Act Like Mother’s Day is an Ordinary Day

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Assuming that Mother’s Day is like an ordinary day is actually okay and you’re not wrong. But there’s nothing wrong too if you make that one day is a special day, right? It’s not a mistake to make other people happy. It will give us happy feelings because spreading happiness.

For example, saving a little bit of your money to buy a gift for mom. It can be flowers, dress, lipsticks, or items that she wants.

Maybe, to celebrate Mother’s Day is not always in the form of materials. It can also make a greetings card that contains Mother’s Day or treats her right with cooking her favorite food.

  1. Too Stiff to Express Your Feelings? Holiday is the Right Choice!

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What treatment that can sobat tiket do during Mother’s Day? Ow, that’s so many things that you can do, actually! If you realize that you’re too shy to express feelings and affection, you still can give a little attention by book a seat and buying a holiday ticket together with mom!

Because people who succeeded in making comfortable feelings, they will lose to people who have bought holiday tickets! The action is matters!

Don’t be arrogant with having a vacation with friends only, but let mom also know your world with a spend time and do a vacation together on Mother’s Day. Also, don’t forget to order flight tickets or hotels on tiket.com! Just so you know, tiket.com have so many promos that you can get! So you don’t miss your holiday’s moment with mom.

If you can’t do a vacation with mom this year, you can also do a vacation on another day or next year. Hmmm… you still confused about the budget? No need to worry! You can see these tips to saving so your vacation is not only a dream!