7 Spot Wisata di Karimunjawa yang Menakjubkan


7 Amazing Travel Spots in Karimunjawa, Cool!

If you hear Karimunjawa what is cross through your mind? Of course, the beauty of the beach with clear beach water and white sand. Located in the islands of the Java Sea, many tourist attractions in Karimunjawa that can be visited with friends and family besides the beach. Do you want to know what that is? Check out more below!

7 Amazing Travel Spots in Karimunjawa

1. Menjangan Besar Island

7 Spot Wisata di Karimunjawa yang Menakjubkan - Pulau Menjangan Besar

Swim on the beach or bask in the sun? Ah, that’s normal! Want to try a more exciting holiday experience? sobat tiket can try a unique tour in Karimunjawa which is swimming with sharks. You can visit Menjangan Besar island which has a shark breeding pool.

There are two species of sharks that live in captivity, namely black fin sharks and white fin sharks. Here, visitors can enter the pool and take pictures with some sharks accompanied by the animal tamer. To get to Menjangan Island, it takes around 15 minutes by boat from the large island of Karimunjawa.

2. Barracuda Beach

7 Spot Wisata di Karimunjawa yang Menakjubkan - Pantai Barakuda

Tourism in Karimunjawa is not complete if you do not feel the beauty of coastal attractions in these islands. One of the many beaches that you can visit is  Barakuda Beach, which is located in Kemajon Village. The interesting thing to find here is the beautiful white sand and the sound of the waves coming through.

The row of coconut trees on Barracuda Beach makes the scenery around the beach even better. Interestingly, sobat tiket can also find fishing boats in the middle of the sea. At a glance, if you visit this beach, it’s like being on the beaches of the eastern Indonesian archipelago, very beautiful!

3. Kemujan Mangrove Forest

7 Spot Wisata di Karimunjawa yang Menakjubkan - Hutan Mangrove Pulau Kemujan

If the sobat tiket wants to find a tourist attraction in Karimunjawa besides the beach, the Kemujan Mangrove Forest can be an alternative choice. You can visit this forest location located in Kemujan Village, Karimun District. To reach this place requires a 45-minute journey from Karimun Harbor.

With a forest area reaching 10.5 hectares, sobat tiket can see the number of mangrove plants that function as a deterrent to abrasion or erosion of land by sea water. Don’t forget, there are some instagramable photo spots, you can find it here! Simply pay for a ticket of Rp 10,000, you tiket can get around this great place

4. Karimunjawa Butterfly Park

Are there sobat tiket here who like butterflies? If so, then there are tourist sites in Karimunjawa that must be visited, namely, Karimunjawa Butterfly Park. Standing on an area of 3000 square meters, there are around 30 species of butterflies from various regions in Indonesia. The owner of the park, Herry Agus Muljono built this park as a means of education in addition to being captive breeding.

In addition to seeing various species of butterflies, sobat tiket can also enjoy various interesting areas in this park. Such as, a photo gallery, 3-dimensional cinema and a restaurant with butterfly nuances. Karimunjawa Butterfly Park is suitable to visit while on vacation with family.

5. Gosong Island

7 Spot Wisata di Karimunjawa yang Menakjubkan- Pulau Gosong

You don’t read it wrong, it’s really the name of this tourist attraction in Karimunjawa, Gosong Island. Located in the eastern part of the Karimunjawa archipelago, the attraction of this place is located on an island measuring only 5×8 meters! Stand here as if you standing in the middle of the sea.

To get to this place, you can rent a fishing boat from the main island of Karimunjawa. Because there is no dock, the boat must be tied to the rock around the island, so that it can dock. The right time to get to Gosong Island is when the sun rises, the scenery is truly fascinating!

6. Legon Lele Beach

7 Spot Wisata di Karimunjawa yang Menakjubkan - Pantai Legon Lele

One of the attractions in Karimunjawa which is also not to be missed in here is Legon Lele Beach. This beach looks like a hidden paradise when sobat tiket set foot here. Located between hills and mangroves, Legon Lele Beach offers views of the coast and nature into one.

If you want to go here, you can use a motorbike and ask local residents for the route to this beach. Access to the beach is quite steep because the road uses conblock. So you have to be careful when on the trip! This all will pay off once you see the beauty of this tourist attraction in Karimunjawa.

7. Karimunjawa Hill of Love

7 Spot Wisata di Karimunjawa yang Menakjubkan - Bukit Love Karimunjawa

The last tourist location in Karimunjawa to be discussed is a hill which is now popular among tourists, Hill of Love. This place is often visited by tourists who are usually couples, because it offers a view for romantic photos. The vast ocean and green land under the hill attract many tourist visit here.

There are two stones that form the words love and Karimunjawa on the hill, which is often the object of selfies for tourists. To get to this tourist attraction in Karimunjawa, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes from the city using a motorcycle. Don’t forget to stop by here if you go to Karimunjawa!

Recommendations on tourist sites in Karimunjawa can be your next plan for this 2019 holiday. There are so many tours in Indonesia that have natural wealth to be explored like places that have amazing underwater scenery in Indonesia

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