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10 Traditional Surabaya Food You Can Buy as Souvenirs

Surabaya Traditional Food – Do you know, if Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia after DKI Jakarta? Even though Surabaya is famous for its large and densely populated cities, it is still a tourist destination that is quite popular with tourists.

In addition to the various tourist attractions, there are things you can’t forget when visiting this Hero City. Yup, what else besides Traditional Surabaya food. Surabaya is also quite well known as a city that has many choices of souvenirs from Surabaya.

There are many traditional Surabaya food that you can bring as souvenirs for your family or relatives when visiting this city. Starting from traditional Surabaya souvenirs that are legendary, to the present. Of course, souvenirs from Surabaya are affordable, aka cheap! I was curious, what about the traditional Surabaya food that you can make as a souvenir. Check out the following review!

Traditional Surabaya Food, Delicious and Inexpensive Souvenirs

Spikoe Cake Surabaya

Spikoe cakes or color 3-layer cakes are the most legendary traditional Surabaya food. The most famous Spikoe cake is the old Spikoe recipe. As the name suggests, made from old recipes so that the taste remains the same and is legendary.

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To be able to buy this legendary old Spikoe recipe you can visit Jalan Rungut Madya 41, Surabaya.

Lapis Surabaya

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Who doesn’t know Surabaya Layer Cake? This well-known international cake does have good taste and soft texture. In contrast to layer cakes in general, this Traditional Surabaya food cake has a soft texture like a sponge and only has 2 colors. The sweet taste is really suitable to be used as a snack when relaxing or a traditional food that you can give to relatives.

Bikang Cake

For lovers of traditional snacks, choosing Bikang cake as a Traditional Surabaya food for souvenirs is the right choice. This traditional Surabaya food is made from rice flour, coconut, and sugar dough. The shape that resembles a blooming flower has its own uniqueness.

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You can find this cheap souvenirs from Surabaya in the nearest traditional market. The people of Surabaya also usually serve Bikang cakes as meals on certain occasions.

Surabaya Patata

In addition to the legendary souvenirs of Surabaya, when you visit this city you can also find traditional Surabaya food for souvenirs. One of them is present souvenirs such as Surabaya Patata. If you don’t know, Surabaya Patata is owned by Oki Setiana Dewi and Ria Ricis.

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Source : https://surabayapatata.com/

Not to be outdone by other artists who also launched various brands of contemporary souvenirs, the sisters also opened their first branch in Surabaya. You can also make Surabaya Patata a unique souvenir of Surabaya. There are many flavors at a very affordable price. Visit the Surabaya Patata store on Jalan Raya Dharmahusada Indah No.187, Mojo, Gubeng, Surabaya.

Vini Vidi Vici Cake

One more unique souvenir of Surabaya that you can make as a souvenir when visiting Surabaya. Yup, this one artist cake is the famous singer Vidi Aldiano. Vini Vidi Vici Cake also provides 5 flavors that you can choose.

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Source : http://vidivinivici-surabaya.com/

Made from sponge cake, Surabaya’s signature present-day souvenir is suitable on the Indonesian tongue. Moreover, the shape is round and large like a donut, guaranteed to make you satisfied to taste it. To get this Vini Vidi Vici Cake, you can visit the store located on Jalan Diponegoro No. 48 Surabaya.

Bolu Joeang Surabaya

Not only Surabaya Patata and Vini Vidi Vici, but the city of Surabaya also has other contemporary souvenirs, namely Bolu Joeang Surabaya. This contemporary souvenir from Surabaya belongs to the beautiful actress Ariel Tatum and handsome actor Dion Wiyoko. Located on Jalan Jl. Dharmahusada No.72, Mojo, Gubeng, Kota Surabaya, present-day souvenirs from Surabaya have unique shophouses.

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Source : http://bolujoeang-surabaya.com/

In accordance with the nickname as Kota Pahlawan, the wallpaper of this shophouse features several hero characters such as Ir. Soekarno, R.A. Kartini, Jendral Sudirman, and H.S. Cokroaminoto. You can get cheap souvenirs from Surabaya at this place. Because the price is only around Rp. 60,000, you know.

Surabaya Snow Cake

No less contemporary, Surabaya Snow Cake, owned by famous designer Zaskia Sungkar, is the main pioneer of the typical Surabaya souvenirs in this Kota Pahlawan. The hallmark of the present cake is an evolutionary form of Surabaya layer cake which generally has 3 layers. But Snow Cake is made from a composition of soft cakes like sponge sandwiched between crispy puff pastry plus a sprinkling of snow.

Almond Crispy

You definitely know the delicious snacks that are really thin on this city, right? This traditional Surabaya food has 3 variants, namely original cheese, chocolate, and green tea. Trying this one snack will make you always feel never enough.

This Almond crispy is a traditional Surabaya food that is very necessary to buy. You can visit Wisata Rasa which is located on Jalan Raya Jemursari No. 164 to get the best Crispy Almond producer.

Sambal Bu Rudy

Well, here it is, which you can’t miss when you are in the city of Surabaya. Sambal Bu Rudy, it is indeed a favorite sauce that has been recognized by the public at large. One type of chili which is the favorite of the buyers is the shrimp sauce.

People said, Mrs. Rudy’s sambal has a taste that can’t be found in other shrimp chili sauce! Curious, right? You can also choose other types of chili such as onion chili and plum sauce which are not inferior to the endues. You can visit one of the branches on Jalan Dharmahusada 140, Surabaya to buy this traditional Surabaya food.

Cashew Cake

This one traditional Surabaya food is processed from cashew nuts. This one cake has a soft texture with sweet and delicious taste. Usually, the cashew cake is packed in cardboard with the logo of the city of Surabaya, namely Sura and Baya.

You can find traditional Surabaya food for souvenirs in various souvenirs center. The price is affordable and the taste is unique, making this cashew cake a must-have gift to buy in Surabaya.

That’s 10 unique traditional Surabaya food that you can use as references when visiting Surabaya city.

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