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10 Traditional Batam Souvenirs You Can Bring Home

Traditional Batam Souvenir – As one of the largest cities in Indonesia, Batam offers many exciting tourism destinations for you to visit. But interestingly, Batam is not only a choice of very popular tourist destinations.

There are many other things you can do or get in this city. For example is that you can shop freely because indeed the city is famous for the prices of goods sold at prices that are far cheaper than other cities in Indonesia.

Traditional Batam Souvenirs

Then what do you have to buy to take home as souvenirs? Easy, in Batam there are many choices of items that you can buy to be brought back home.

For those of you who are going to Batam, or maybe are currently in Batam, and looking for any inspiration about things to buy in Batam, this time will share a list of the most famous traditional Batam souvenirs.

1. Luti Gendang

Batam Souvenir

Delicious snacks that are suitable for you to bring home as traditional Batam souvenir are luti gendang. These snacks are breads that have a shape like croquettes, but are filled with processed fish meat.

This bread is fried until the color is brownish and creates a fragrant smell that can make you immediately hungry. The place to buy it is also spread in various corners of the city because indeed Luti Gendang is a popular choice as souvenirs.

2. Kek Pisang Villa

One of the most popular choices of cakes to take home as souvenirs for tourists who come to Batam is Kek Pisang Villa. You can find these cakes very easily in various souvenirs shops in Batam.

Kek Pisang Villa is also available in many flavors ranging from chocolate, peanuts, to cheese that you can choose according to your like. In addition, this cake can also last long enough so it would be safe to take home for those of you who come from far away.

3. Kue Batang Buruk

Batam Souvenir

Pastries are also one of the most popular souvenir choices because they last long. Well, pastries that you can make as souvenirs from Batam are the Kue Batang Buruk that the recipe came from ancient times.

Even so, it still feels good to be enjoyed today. This cake is perfect for accompanying you to relax while drinking tea or coffee. The price is also quite affordable so you can buy lots to take home.

4. Brownies Lava

Batam Souvenir

Like some other cities that have distinctive brownies, Batam also has its special brownies, namely Brownies Lava. If you really like food with chocolate flavor, then you should try this one snack.

Brownies Lava are also one of the popular choices of Batam souvenirs. What makes it special is the melted chocolate that flows when you cut it. There are a number of other flavors, like peanuts, black forest and cheesecake.

5. Rocklate

Speaking of chocolate, there is one more food with chocolate flavor that you can take home as a souvenir from Batam. This snack is very popular and much in demand by tourists who come to Batam City.

Rocklate is different from chocolate in general because it is combined with marshmallows. That way you can taste the sweetness of chocolate with the softness of the marshmallow which is definitely very delicious.

6. Bingka Bakar

Batam Souvenir

You could say that Bingka Bakar is a food that you must taste while you are on vacation to Batam City. You definitely do not want to miss this delicious snack that has sweet taste.

Unlike other bingka, these typical souvenirs from Batam are made not by steaming, but by grilling. The ingredients used are also more or less the same as sponge cakes, but with additional steamed potatoes which are mashed to produce a dense texture.

7. Layers Cake

Batam Souvenir

The shape is indeed very similar to lapis legit. Layers cake from Batam City is available in a variety of flavors ranging from original, chocolate, mocha, pandanus, and others. Besides you have to try, this food is also suitable to be brought home as a souvenir from Batam.

This cake is made using ingredients such as flour and various other ingredients. This cake is also available in a variety of sizes so you can adjust it to take home.

8. Rosella Flower Tea

Batam Souvenir

Rosellas are flowers which can be said to be rather difficult to find. This flower has beautiful characteristics in red color. The high nutrition it contains makes this flower suitable to be drunk as a tea.

With a delicious taste and fragrant aroma, Rosella flower tea is one of the most popular choices for Batam souvenirs. Many tourists come to Batam and bring home rosella flower tea to enjoy with people at home.

9. Keripik Kari

Batam Souvenir

Just like pastries, chips are also a favorite choice of souvenirs because they can last a long time to take home. In Batam there are special chips, keripik kari or curry chips that can be used as souvenirs from Batam.

The curry that you usually enjoy with the form of soup food can now be eaten in the form of savory chips. This savory taste can make you addicted and suitable as a snack to chat with friends.

10. Bilis Molen

Batam Souvenir

The last typical Batam gift you must bring home is bilis molen. This snack has a shape similar to Banana Molen. It’s just different in its contents, where the bilis molen contains anchovy.

Bilis molen is very popular in the city of Batam so you will not have trouble finding it because many home industries produce this food. The distinctive taste of bilis molen is a delicious blend between savory salted fish and the sweet taste of the dough.

Delicious Gifts to Bring Home

That’s it, 10 traditional souvenirs from Batam that you can buy to take home. Everyone at home will definitely like it if you bring the food choices mentioned above. If you need inspiration for a shopping place, see also the coolest shopping place in Batam. Flying to Batam can be cheaper if you book flight tickets at