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10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions You Must Visit in Sydney

Tourist Attractions in Sydney – Sydney is a beautiful city that can make your holiday feel so wonderful. There are a lot of fun things that you can do in Sydney, and will make you feel amazed by the beauty and the excitement of this city.

Visiting a city or country is important to find out about the iconic places, tourist attractions, and also a famous culinary spots at that place. Do you already have a plan to go on holiday to Sydney?

For you who still don’t know where to go when you are in Sydney, here are 10 Tourist Attractions in Sydney that you can visit with your family, friends, or your partner.

Tourist Attractions in Sydney, The Popular Destinations

1. Sydney Opera House

If you go on a vacation to Sydney, then Sydney Opera House is a must-visit tourist spot in Sydney. In fact, this tourist spot is one of the most iconic and depicts Sydney.

Tempat Wisata di Sydney - Sydney Opera House

The Opera House has an interesting architecture, which is shaped like a shell. This place functions as a venue for famous events, such as theater performances, musicals, ballets, and much more.

2. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the free tourist attractions in Sydney. In this park, you can enjoy the cool air with beautiful scenery. Hyde Park is the oldest park in Sydney which remains as a favourite tourist destination or natives in this city.

Many activities you can do in Hyde Park, for instance relaxing, do sports, picnics, and many more. The right time to enjoy the coolness in this park is in the morning or evening, when the sun is not too hot. Here, you can also see ANZAC, one of the historic buildings in Sydney.

3. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sydney. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the beach with turquoise sea water, Bondi Beach is indeed a cool tourist spot for sunbathing or exercising.

Tempat Wisata di Sydney - Bondi Beach

On this beach, you can enjoy exciting beach sports, such as surfing and beach volleyball. So, you can spend time with fun at this beach. You can also find places to shop or eat. There is no entrance fee to be able to enjoy the beauty of the beach in Sydney.

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge

In addition to the Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge is also one of the icons of the City of Sydney and also the country of Australia. Actually, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a bridge that is the main route from the Sydney Harbor crossing. The bridge of this curved iron frame is a bridge that connects Sydney Business Center with North Sydney.

Tempat Wisata di Sydney - Harbour Bridge

With its unique shape and majestic looks, it makes Sydney Harbor Bridge becomes one of the tourist attractions commonly visited by tourists while in this city.

5. Taronga Zoo

Just like other cities and countries, Sydney has a zoo that you can visit for a family vacation destination. Taronga Zoo is a zoo whose name is famous up to the international scale. To enter the tourist attractions in Sydney, you will be charged a fairly expensive fee. However, it will pay off after you enter and interact with animals in this place.

6. Art Gallery of New South Wales

For you who love and are interested in the arts, you must take the time to come to the Art Gallery of NSW while in Sydney. This art gallery displays various arts not only from Australia, but also from the international.

In this tourist spot in Sydney you can see beautiful artwork, and can give you a different experience through collections of exhibitions to research from this place.

7. Morisset Park

Being able to interact directly with animals from Australia such as Kangaroos, can certainly be an unforgettable experience. At Morisset Park, you can interact with Kangaroos living in the wild. You can also take a selfie with the Kangaroos there. Of course this can be a rare experience that you cannot find anywhere else.

8. Manly Beach

Besides Bondi Beach, there is Manly Beach that you can visit. In the summer, this beach is one of the favorite beaches to do various water sports. Be it surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming on the beach.

Manly Beach is also a cool place to hang out. You can visit the cafes around this beach and enjoy the breeze from the beach.

9. Darling Harbor

Relax while enjoying the beauty of Sydney by walking around Darling Harbor. In this never-deserted place, you can see beautiful fireworks at night.

Not only that, you can also try numerous types of food sold around Darling Harbor while enjoying the atmosphere here.

10. Market City

It feels incomplete to go on a vacation without shopping typical items from that place.. Talking about traveling, of course there are souvenirs that you need to buy. Market City can be your shopping destination for those who want cheap shopping in Sydney.

From the 10 tourist attractions in Sydney, which one is the most attractive for you to visit? No need to worry about spending a lot of money, because you can visit some of these attractions without paying the entrance fee.

You can also look for tourist attractions in other places that are no less interesting, like Tourist Attractions in Penang, Malaysia.

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