Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor


7 Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor that You Shouldn’t Miss

Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor – When you are feeling tired after a week of routine activities, so the weekend is a good time for a short vacation. But most of the tourist attractions will always be crowded with visitors every weekend and cities that have many tourist attractions will be visited by visitors from various regions as well.

Tourist attractions in Sentul Bogor will be the 2nd tourist destination most visited after Bandung for a short vacation. When on weekends, the road to this destination will immediately be crowded with vehicles either 2 wheels or 4 wheels from Jakarta mostly.

Sentul Bogor has cool breeze and beautiful scenery that makes it as a perfect place to unwind from daily routine. Tourist attractions in Sentul Bogor are indeed favorite destination for you and family. Because, you can find not only tourist attractions that are suitable for teenagers, but there are many educational spot that are also suitable for children. What are the tourist attractions in Sentul Bogor that can be visited for the weekend? Here are 7 tourist attractions in Sentul Bogor that you can visit on the weekend!

7 Best Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor to Visit During Weekends

1. Jungleland

Jungleland is the most popular tourist attractions in Sentul Bogor. This place has so many interesting rides that makes it become a favorite destination for tourists. Not only those who came from Bogor area, but also tourists from the area around Sentul Bogor.

Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor - Jungleland

For those who feel tired and bored because of the daily activities, you can try various rides in Jungleland that can make you feel more relaxed. Because you can experience various rides that spur your adrenaline. Having a vacation to this place will certainly make your weekend more enjoyable.

2. Pine Forest, Mount Pancar

Beautiful atmosphere, cool breeze, and far from the hustle and bustle of the city makes this tourist destination in Sentul Bogor very popular destination to visit with your family. In addition to the towering and picturesque pine trees, this tourist spot in Bogor also has a variety of fun activities to offer.

Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor - Hutan Pinus

Here you can do a variety of activities with natural themes such as trekking, camping, character building games, and art performances. There are also various kinds of activities packages that you can choose starting for the school kids, communities, and office employees. Having vacation in Pine Forest Mount Pancar will surely give a different experience for you.

3. Sentul Fresh Education Farm

Sentul Bogor is indeed famous for its educational tours. So no wonder if the average visitor or tourist coming to the Sentul Bogor area is school-age children, or families who bring their children with them. Well, this one tourist spot in Sentul Bogor is perfect for those who want a short vacation with family, but still provide educational value for children.

Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor - Sentul Fresh Education Farm

Sentul Fresh Education Farm is one of the Bogor tourist destinations that introduces children to agriculture, livestock, and plantations. In this place, children can learn things while playing that makes it more interesting for them.

4. Bidadari Waterfall

Who doesn’t know this waterfall tourist spot? The Bidadari Waterfall is a tourist spot in Sentul Bogor that can spoil the eyes of its visitors. Yep, at this Sentul tourist spot, you will see how beauty and clear the waterfall is here.

Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor - Air Terjun Bidadari

Not only that, you can also swim in the pool under the Bidadari Waterfall. You don’t need to worry because the swimming pools here are distinguished for adults and children, so that you can let your kids swimming in safe place.

5. Ah Poong Market

For those who like culinary tourism, it means you have to try to come to this one tourist spot in Sentul Bogor! Ah Poong Market is a tourist place that presents various food tenants with unique transaction processes. Yep, in here you will see some food sellers selling their food on a boat.

Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor - Pasar Ah Poong Sentul

Here you must have a deposit card with a certain amount of money to be able to make transactions. Besides culinary tours, there are also children’s playgrounds and free boat riding facilities to get around this Bogor tourist destination.

6. Sentul City Cultural Park

Sentul City is always crowded by visitors. One more tourist spot favored by families for having vacation on weekends or during holidays, called the Sentul City Cultural Park. Not only the scenery is beautiful and can spoil your eyes with a vast expanse of green plantations, this tourist spot is also has many educational natural playgrounds for your kids.

Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor - Taman Budaya

You can bring your kids to this place so that they can go and play while learning things. Sentul City Cultural Park has four tourism activities centers, such as Culture Center, Green Center, Facility Center, and Adventure Center.

7. Leuwi Hejo Nature Tourism

As beautiful as the scenery in Bidadari Waterfall, Leuwi Hejo nature tourism is also a most favorited tourist spot in Sentul Bogor. Visiting this area is indeed not easy, yet not too hard either, because you have to do a little trekking to be able to see the beautiful view of the waterfall in this Leuwi Hejo natural tourist area.

Tourist Attractions in Sentul Bogor - Wisata Alam Leuwi Hejo

In this place you will find a pool with clear water and a river with a bit greenish water that will surely make anyone amazed and don’t want to leave the place.

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