Tempat Wisata di Manado


Tourist Attractions in Manado, Make Your Holiday More Enjoyable!

Tourist Attractions in Manado – Enjoying vacation time by going out of town is fun. Moreover, if you spend the holiday together with your loved ones. Certainly, it will be more cool and fun.

Manado can be one of your vacation destinations and family. There are many tourist attractions in Manado that you can explore. Starting from tourist attractions in Manado such as playgrounds, mountains, to the beach.

All of them certainly have different beauty and excitement. So, you can find out in advance the tourist attractions in Manado according to what you need.

Tourist Attractions in Manado, Cities that Describe Wonderful Indonesia

Have you ever been on holiday to Manado? The most famous icon of tourist attractions in Manado so far is indeed Bunaken. However, you can find tourist attractions in Manado that are no less interesting than Bunaken.

Especially for you who really like beaches and mountains. Because Manado has a series of beach and mountain attractions that are very interesting for you to visit. Here are 7 tourist attractions in Manado that you can visit while on vacation in Manado.

1. Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Marine Park is indeed a tourist destination in Manado that is most favored by tourists. The beauty of nature and the underwater in Bunaken has been known for a long time. So, no wonder, the main destination when in Manado, will definitely make Bunaken its destination.

Tempat Wisata Manado - Taman Laut Bunaken

Claimed to be the most beautiful marine park in the world, making Bunaken Marine Park as a tourist spot in Manado which was nominated by UNESCO as one of the world heritage. This underwater beauty in Bunaken can indeed make you speechless.

For you who like to do snorkeling, diving, and photography, you will definitely feel very satisfied when making Bunaken as your destination. Don’t forget to come here, if you are in Manado.

2. Manado Nature House, Adventure Park

Manado Nature House is a tourist spot in Manado that is suitable for families. In this tourist spot, you will find tourist attractions with the theme of back to nature which is very interesting. Not only the beautiful scenery from a height, but you can also try some of the games here.

There are lots of activities you can do here. Starting from swimming, playing flying fox, rappelling, zorbing, high rope, trampoline, to staying in a tree house. By visiting Manado Nature House Adventure Park, your holiday in Manado will be fun.

3. Tomohon Flower City

Do you know if the Tomohon Flower City is one of the most beautiful flower gardens in Indonesia? In fact, every June – August there will be a flower festival in Tomohon, North Sulawesi which is very lively.

Tempat Wisata di Manado - Kota Bunga Tomohon

This Tomohon Flower City can be a reference for you who wants to go on vacation to Manado with family or spouse. You can see a variety of beautiful flowers against the background of a mountain that stands firm.

4. Manado Tua Island

Clear blue beach scenery, combined with the view of a volcano surrounded by green trees? You can watch it right away when you come to Manado Tua Island. In addition to the scenery above the beautiful sea, the scenery under the sea of Manado Tua Island is also beautiful.

Tempat Wisata di Manado - Pulau Manado Tua

No wonder, if this island was used as the location for the World Ocean Conference in 2009. The well-maintained environment will make anyone feel amazed when visiting this tourist spot in Manado.

5. Mount Tumpa

Enjoying the view of the city of Manado from a height certainly provides an unforgettable experience. You can really make it happen by going to Mount Tumpa. Mount Tumpa is located in Meras, Bunaken and can be reached by land with a distance of 50 minutes from the center of Manado.

Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful green scenery, you can also witness the phenomenon of the sunrise and sunset. Suitable for you who love to hunt beautiful scenery photos.

6. Tumbak Marine Park

Tumbak Marine Park is one of the interesting tourist attractions located in North Minahasa. These tourist attractions can be an attractive option for you who like water activities such as diving and snorkeling. Because in Tumbak Marine Park there are at least 20 points for diving and snorkeling.

Tempat Wisata di Manado - Taman Laut Tumbak

Tumbak Marine Park does provide amazing natural beauty and underwater, but the fame of this tourist spot is not like Bunaken. So, it can be a plus as well if you want to travel in a quiet atmosphere.

7. Lihaga Island

When you first set foot on Lihaga Island, you will definitely be amazed by its incomparable beauty. White sand combined with clear turquoise sea water, and shady trees around the beach.

Making this Lihaga Island a very suitable destination if you want to have a holiday with a different beach atmosphere, but unfortunately, you can’t do activities like surfing, because the waves on this island look so calm.

However, you can do other activities that are no less interesting. For example, playing on the beach, taking pictures, or even sunbathing.

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