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11 Attractions in Bintan Island that are Cool and You Must Visit

The name of Bintan Island is certainly familiar to tourist lovers, especially for those who often visit the Riau Islands Province. Bintan Island, which is an island where Tanjungpinang City is located, does have an extraordinary charm that makes tourists amazed. There are many tourist attraction in Bintan Island that you can visit to spend holidays with your friends or loved ones.

If you have a plan for a vacation to Bintan Island, see 11 tourist attraction in Bintan Island which are really cool below.

Tourist Attraction in Bintan Island

  1. Lagoi Bay

Tempat Wisata di Pulau Bintan - lagoi bay

The first tourist attraction in Bintan Island that you must visit while traveling is Lagoi Bay. Lagoi Bay or Lagoi Bay, which is directly facing the South China Sea, has an unparalleled beauty. The natural scenery in Lagoi Bay is becoming more attractive because of the Sebong River, mangrove forests, and of course, the white sand stretches as far as the eye can see.

  1. Mount Bintan

Although Bintan Island is very famous for its beautiful coastal nuances, Mount Bintan which is the highest mountain on Bintan Island has a peak as high as 340 meters above sea level. You can find beautiful waterfalls while climbing Mount Bintan. For you who like to climb, you will definitely feel challenged to climb Mount Bintan. Not only that, if you come to the Mount Bintan area in July-August, you have the opportunity to taste the tempting native Bintan Island durian.

  1. Crystal Lagoon

Tempat Wisata di Pulau Bintan - treasure bay

This is where the tourist attraction in Bintan Island are super phenomenal, which has become a byword of many people in the world. Crystal Lagoon is a part of Treasure Bay, a seaside resort town built majestically on Bintan Island. Crystal Lagoon is a giant pool measuring 800 meters. The water is crystal clear blue. In addition to being able to satisfy yourself with swimming, you can also try several water game rides that are very interesting to try in Crystal Lagoon. Well, is it really curious to visit this tourist spot in Bintan Island?

  1. Bintan Mangrove

The charm of mangrove forests can always be a mainstay tourist destination to relieve fatigue. Likewise with the tourist charm of mangrove forests which certainly attracts tourists to trace it. You can uncover the green of the mangrove forest by taking a small boat along the Sebong River. There are three zones aka different regions that make up the Mangrove Bintan, namely the zone or salty, bargain, and brackish area. So, are you interested in exploring this cool tourist attraction in Bintan Island?

  1. Trikora Beach

Tempat Wisata di Pulau Bintan - pantai trikora

One of the charms of Bintan Island that is already well known to foreign countries is Trikora Beach. It is said that reportedly, Trikora Beach was named so because the name was an abbreviation of Tri Komando Rakyat, and this beach was referred to as the outermost defense center of Indonesian territory during the reign of Ir. Soekarno. Trikora Beach is a beach with clear water and beautiful views of green trees. The waves on Trikora Beach are not too big so you can swim in the beautiful coastal area of Bintan Island.

  1. Penyusuk Island

Located close to Bintan Island, Penyusuk Island is one of the tourist charms that makes tourists flock to Bintan Island. Penyusuk Island is an island that can be reached by a 40-minute journey by sea from Trikora Satu Beach, Bintan. The beach on Penyusuk Island is a beach with a 5 km coastline that is shaped like an inverted U letter. Of course, the beauty of Penyusuk Island is also inseparable from the presence of many large granite rocks that make the coastal scenery on this island look different from the other beaches.

  1. Busung Sand Hill

Tempat Wisata di Pulau Bintan - gurun pasir busung

Bintan Island has an attractive desert which is a former bauxite mine. Residents around this tourist spot in Bintan call this desert dune as the Sand Hill Village of Busung. What makes this hill attractive is its shiny golden color when the sun shines hot. Of course, this tourist spot on Bintan Island is perfect for those of you who like to take pictures, then post on Instagram. Guaranteed, your followers will be amazed by the beauty of Busung Sand Hill which is become the background of your photo.

  1. Bintan Blue Lake

Tempat Wisata di Pulau Bintan - telaga biru1

It’s not complete if you visit Bintan but don’t have time to visit Bintan Blue Lake. Bintan Blue Lake is located in Busung Hamlet, Tanjung Uban District, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands Province. The blue of Telaga Biru Bintan’s water is surrounded by sand with an area of 6,000 hectares. Imagine, how cool is this tourist spot in Bintan?

  1. Senggarang

You want to know what is the life of ethnic Chinese on Bintan Island? If indeed you are curious, you should take the time to visit Senggarang Village in Tanjungpinang. In Senggarang there is an old temple that holds a long history. Local residents also believe that Senggarang is the initial location of the Chinese population to migrate to the Riau Islands region in the past. What makes it unique, the Senggarang Temple is located on the seafront so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset views around the tourist attraction in Bintan Island.

  1. Sand-Islanded Island (White Sands Island)

Tempat Wisata di Pulau Bintan - white sand island

This is a tourist attraction in Bintan Island that you can’t forget to visit too. Looks like the name of the Sand Island that is pinned on this beautiful island is suitable. How come, the stretch of sand with pine trees certainly makes you feel at home until you are reluctant to go home. On Sanded Island, you can’t just walk on the beach. You can also see beautiful coral reefs, take a tour around the island, snorkel, dive, canoe, or see turtle conservation. Imagine what you will do if you take a trip to this tourist spot on Bintan Island?

  1. Penyengat Island

Tempat Wisata di Pulau Bintan - pulau penyengat

Not far from Tanjungpinang City, there is a tourist spot on the unique Bintan Island which is called Penyengat Island. True, it’s not complete if you come to Bintan Island but don’t spend your time crossing the Penyengat Sea to Penyengat Island. One of the amazing icons on Penyengat Island is the Sultan Riau Mosque which stands majestically with yellow and green buildings. Who would have thought that the Sultan Riau Mosque was built with egg ingredients as its adhesive? Wow!

Well, that was 11 tourist attraction in Bintan Island that you must visit while on vacation. Of course, if you want to vacation, you don’t just have to think about the destination, but also have to think about lodging while traveling on Bintan Island. You can book hotels near Bintan Island at tiket.com to get the best hotel you want.

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So, which tourist attraction in Bintan Island do you choose for vacation?