Tempat Wisata di Bandung Untuk Keluarga


Family Tourist Attraction in Bandung

Tourist Attractions in Bandung – Bandung is still one of the favorite cities for tourists to spend vacation time. If you want to go on vacation with your family, there are many tourist attractions in Bandung that are suitable as holiday destinations for families.

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If you don’t know where you want to go while in Bandung, you don’t need to worry about. Because tiket.com will give you a row of tourist attractions in Bandung for families. You definitely can’t wait, you want to know about it anywhere. Well, here is a reference for tourist attractions in Bandung for families, especially for you!

Tourist Attractions in Bandung, You Must Come Together with Family

  1. Pinisi Resto and Glamping Lakeside

Tourist attractions in Bandung this one offers a very charming view. It is not Bandung if you don’t offer natural beauty for every tourist destination, including Pinisi Resto and Glamping Lakeside, which are in the Ciwidey area. As the name implies, here you will see a pinisi-like building that stands on a hill with beautiful natural scenery.

Tempat Wisata di Bandung Untuk Keluarga - Pinisi Resto

This pinisi is a restaurant that provides a variety of tenants, which are interesting from tourist attractions in Bandung of course because of the shape of the building that resembles a ship. In addition, the position of the ship facing the lake makes the scenery in this place more interesting and fun! Sure, you don’t want to try a vacation to this place with your family? A calm atmosphere and cool air can make you feel more relaxed.

  1. Tafso Barn

Have you ever been to Tafso Barn? In this Tafso Barn, you will find many unique and interesting spots that can be said to be very instagenic. Located on Jalan Baru Laksana No.75, Pagerwangi, Lembang, Bandung, West Java, you will find a café with a natural theme that is really a shame to miss. There are many interesting spots that you can visit, such as mini golf courses, unique dining places such as inside a hot air balloon, to an attractive viewing post. Want to enjoy a different atmosphere? You can visit this Tafso Barn during the evening to night.

  1. Dago Dream Park
Source: https://dagodreampark.co.id/

Do you want to feel the thrill of riding a flying carpet like Princess Jasmine and Aladdin? You can do it! Not just a dream, now you can realize your desire to be able to feel the flying carpet ride.

This Dago Dream Park tourist destination in Bandung can realize your desire to be able to experience the flying rugs in the style of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. Not only that, you can also enjoy other rides in tourist attractions in Bandung such as Love Seat, Pirate’s ship, Geared up, Sky Tree, Up House, Uncle’s Barn, and Horse around. What? Are you sure you don’t want to stop by at this one tourist spot?

To get to this tourist spot, you can direct maps to Jl. Dago Giri KM. 2.2, Mekarwangi, Pagerwangi, Lembang, Mekarwangi, Lembang, West Bandung Regency.

  1. Barusen Hills Ciwidey

You need a tourist spot that can refresh your eyes and is also suitable to be used as a family tourist spot? Barusen Hills Ciwidey is the answer. Here, there are various rides that you can roam with your family. Like Taman Cinta Bamboo, Barusen Lake with selfie spots in the form of love, children’s and adult swimming pools, and outbound games that can trigger your adrenaline.

Tempat Wisata di Bandung Untuk Keluarga - barusen hills
Source: https://barusen-hills.business.site/

Barusen Hills is a flower garden that has many unique and beautiful spots. So, it is not surprising that the majority of visitors in this tourist spot are young people. Because of the beauty of the flower garden of love, the Barusen Hills is also often used as a spot for pre-wedding photo.

  1. The Maribaya Lodge

For those of you who want to vacation while feeling outbound, The Maribaya Lodge is perfect to be your holiday destination and family in the city of Bandung. In this place, you can enjoy various kinds of games that spur adrenaline and certainly instagenic too! There are various areas that you can feel, such as hot air balloon, sky bike, sky swing, sky tree, and bamboo sky. All of these rides have pine forest backgrounds, which of course makes you seem to be flying over real air.

Now, you already know, which tourist attractions in Bandung can be a vacation destination with family? Do you need references to family vacation spots in other cities? Just calm down, you can read this Reference Place in Surabaya, Like Travel Abroad. So, where do you want your vacation now?