Things to do in Wakatobi


6 Top Things to do In Wakatobi Islands that You Can Try

Things to do in Wakatobi – Wakatobi is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia which its popularity has never faded. Even though, this place is not only famous by domestic tourists, but it is very well known among foreign tourists too.

But there are still many questions that arise. One of them is “what can you do while in Wakatobi?” Well, to answer that question, has summarized it all in this article.

What Are the Best Things to do In Wakatobi?

There are so many things that you can do when you are having a vacation in Wakatobi. Below are five of the most amazing things you can find only in Wakatobi. Let’s see right away!

1. Dive in One of the World’s Best Diving Spots

Things to do in Wakatobi

Wakatobi is one of the best spots for diving in Sulawesi and even in the world. Therefore you should not miss this opportunity. Especially if you are a person who likes to dive. This place must be included in your bucket list.

Underwater scenery in Wakatobi will certainly make you amazed. If possible, don’t forget to bring an underwater camera and capture the moment when you are diving there.

2. See Dolphins in their Original Habitat

Not so into diving? Take it easy, there are still many interesting things in Wakatobi. Another exciting activity that you can do here is to see dolphins swimming in their natural habitat.

You might have seen dolphins in other places before. But you will experience that the view of those swimming mammals is more amazing in Wakatobi because the number of dolphins is very large.

3. Meet the Bajo People

If you are a sociable person and looking for interesting things in Wakatobi besides diving, then you can meet the Bajo people who live here. By meeting them, you can experience living on the ocean.

The Bajo are also known as “ocean nomads” where according to history, they have lived on the ocean for centuries. This tribe lives by utilizing very rich marine resources for food and shelter.

4. Taste Unique Food in Wakatobi

In Wakatobi there are some culinary delights that are ready to welcome you. The typical Wakatobi foods that you will see here, some have unique looks and some also have bizarre looks.

Some of the dishes you can try here include Kasuami, Luluta, Parende Fish, Sanggara Banda, Kosean No Kaudafa, Kapusu Nosu, and many others. Try some of those.

5. Exploring All Islands in Wakatobi

Wakatobi consists of several islands. Each of the islands offers the same excitement. Some of the islands in Wakatobi include Wangi Wangi Island, Kaledupa Island Hoga Island, Binongko Island, and Tomia Island.

It’s your loss if you just enjoy the beach sand and the sea waves when having vacation on Wakatobi because there are still many interesting places that you can find on some of these islands.

6. Seeing the Spectacular Sunset at the Wakatobi

After being satisfied to enjoy all the interesting things in Wakatobi during the day, whether on land or sea, then you can then you can say goodbye to the sun and see it set in the west.

The sunset view in Wakatobi is a spectacular view that you can enjoy while sitting back and relaxed. In the evening, you can do some activities with friends while making a campfire.

Make Wakatobi Your Next Vacation Destination

After reading the top things to do in Wakatobi above, surely you can’t wait to put Wakatobi as a tourist destination that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Well, if you want to stay comfortably here, you can simply book a hotel room in Wakatobi via