Traveling in Rainy Season


8 Tips to Go On A Vacation During Rainy Season

The rainy season has come. There are a lot of things you can do to make this season more enjoyable. But what if you are a traveler? Should you postpone your prepared trip because of the rain? No, you don’t need to do that. You still can go on your vacation even it is raining out there. The trip will be as exciting as you are traveling on a hot sunny day.

If you are willing to do a vacation on a rainy season, we have 8 tips for you so you can get the most out of your trip. Read more to find out what are the tips.

8 Tips to Travel During Rainy Season

1. Prepare Your Umbrella and Raincoat

traveling in rainy season

When it is raining outside, the first thing you need to prepare is of course umbrella and/or raincoat. These two things will cover your body from soaked by the rain. Don’t forget to bring these two useful things for your trip. Get them inside your bag. You don’t have to bring your big umbrella. You can carry a foldable umbrella so it won’t take so much space on your bag.

2. Bring Your Sweater

Traveling in Rainy Season

Umbrella and raincoat may enough, but most of the time they are not. Beside covering yourself from the rain, you also need to warm your body when you are traveling on a rainy day. You can wear your sweater, scarf, or any clothes that make you warm. You can also bring your boots if you don’t want to have dirt on your favorite pair of shoes. With umbrella or raincoat, sweater, scarf, and boots, you are ready to go out under the rain the wait for the rainbow.

3. Take Some Multivitamins

Traveling in Rainy Season

The third thing you should have with you is multivitamins. Rainy season is when you can get sick easily. You can get cold, influenza, or anything else. To prevent that and make you feel better to get out in the rain, you can take some multivitamins. Going on a trip is about having fun, right? So don’t hesitate to take those vitamins to make your body more protected from virus.

4. Check the Weather Forecast

Traveling in Rainy Season

If you are planning to go on a trip during the rainy season, you better check the weather forecast occasionally. You can find the weather information via television or any other media like the internet. By doing so, you can anticipate what weather you are going through when it is the date to make the trip.

5. Use Water-Repellent Bag

Traveling in Rainy Season

When it is raining outside, usually you don’t get out because you don’t want your stuff to get wet. You may get your body dry easily by using towel, but how about your gadget, books, etc. They will be broken if water touches them. So, to prevent that from happening, you can utilize a bag that has a water-repellent feature. This bag will keep the water from getting inside. So you can stroll more confident in the rain.

6. Come to Indoor Attraction Destinations

Traveling in Rainy Season

What if you don’t want to go out and face the rain? Well, you still have some options including coming to the indoor attraction. Especially if you have kids with you, you certainly don’t want them to get sick because of the rain. So you can have an alternative by visiting a theme park that built inside.

7. Take Direct Flight

Traveling in Rainy Season

When you are going on a vacation during the rainy season, it is better for you to pick a direct flight to go to your destination. If available, choose this option rather than transiting first. By transiting, it means you should deal with rain in that transition place to go to hotel or restaurant and wait for your next flight. Besides that, direct flight sometimes is cheaper than transit flight. So you might want to book your flight far before you decide to go.

8. Anticipate Bad Weather Flight Delay

Traveling in Rainy Season

Anyone wants to be at the place they want to be on schedule, not late. But sometimes, you have to wait for some more time because the flight is delayed caused by bad weather or maybe any other technical reasons. If that happened, you must be feeling very disappointed or sad. So, you need to prepare some things to make your mood better again. You can read books, play games, watching video on your phone, etc. And when the boarding time comes, you are entering the plane with smile.

Plan Everything Well for Your Trip on Rainy Season

It is still possible to make a trip during the rainy season. These 8 useful tips will help you to get the most out of your vacation when it is raining outside. Not only stuff to be prepared but also your body and mind so you can still enjoy the trip. If you are looking for a flight or book hotel at the place you want to visit, you can open to get the latest flight deals and get the most comfortable stay for your vacation. Enjoy!