The Timeless Tokyo

Visiting Tokyo is like exploring the time machine. You can not only visit the sophisticated future, but you can also see the good-shape history footprints that still exist. Exploring the Tokyo down, and you will fell the sensation of going through the time that you haven’t seen before.

Going to explore Tokyo?

Cultural Tour to The Historical Building

Like we’ve said before, it is not about the sophisticated technology, nor the perfect city urban planning. But also about the historical culture and architecture that still in a good shape untill now. At least you can find it on Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, the oldest temple in Tokyo. Or you can come for a while to see the beautiful Emperor Castle in Chiyoda-ku.

Drown in The Crowd of Shibuya

Big city will never separate from the crowds. Like other big cities, Tokyo is also the center of the business activity in Japan. But, you can feel the sensation of drowning in crowd of Shibuya that were famous with its entertainment and worldwide sub culture. And don’t get wrong, you can find a shocking thing in this district.

Learn The Japanese Cultures From The Expert

Besides having the good tasty food, you can also learn the real Japanese culture, straight from the expert. Not only that, you can also feel the sensation of becoming the real Japanese. Start from learning how they are living, into their authentic writing arts.

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