When Can You Get THR from tiket.com? Find The Answer Here!

Ramadan and Eid’s holidays feel more fun if you can gather together with big families. Whether it’s by going to your hometown, or by going on vacation together to someplace.

Which one do you prefer, to celebrate Ramadan and Eid holidays, t-mate? Well. whatever your choice is, of course you already know, if tiket.com will give you a promo that can make the Eid holiday feel more fun, right?

Yup, what else if it’s not the THR Promo or Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com? You definitely can’t wait to get along with this promo right? If so, for t-mates who have been wondering when to get THR from tiket.com. Here’s the full information!

When Can You Get THR Promo from tiket.com?

This question must have been floating around your mind, right? Well, you can get this THR Promo from tiket.com starting from May 6, 2019. Of course, there is a series of information that you need to know before joining the promo.

What is the information? Here it is for the complete!

1. Period of THR Promo

This promo period takes place in the month of Ramadan and starts from 6 May 2019. So, you who are looking forward to the THR Promo or Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com, don’t forget to mark your calendar this May 6, 2019!

Don’t miss it! Because with this promo you can realize coming home and meet your extended family. You can also use it for Eid holidays together with your loved ones wherever you want.

2. Categories of THR Promo

This THR promo category applies for purchasing a flight ticket products and hotels. Relax, you can be free to choose the flight or stay date that you want.

Moreover, this promo applies to flights or lodging in domestic and international hotels! Wow, really interesting offer, right? Sure, you aren’t excited to get this promo?

So, arrange your homecoming or Lebaran holiday plans from now on, and continue to watch the tiket.com application regarding this THR promo. Because there will be a THR Promo with discounts up to 1 Million for purchasing airline tickets and hotels.

3. Mechanism of THR Promo at tiket.com

It is important for you to know, that this promo is only valid for bookings through the tiket.com Mobile Apps. So, if you haven’t installed the tiket.com application, download and install the tiket.com application right now.

You can download it for free in the App Store and also on Google Play on your smartphone. After that, just need to wait for the promo to take place!

What are you waiting for? Let’s install the tiket.com application, and get this THR promo to be able to go to your hometown this year, and plan an Eid holiday with your big families!