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These Are the Best Things to Do in Semarang and Ungaran

Things to Do in Semarang – Semarang City is located in the northern part of the province of Central Java, as well as the capital of the province. Although this city is busier for business visits than tourism, yet in fact Semarang has many interesting places that you can visit for recreation. So, what are the best things to do while you are on vacation in Semarang?

Things to Do in Semarang – Ungaran and Surrounding Areas

Basically, Semarang city can be divided into two parts, Semarang Bawah (lower areas) and Semarang Atas (upper areas). Semarang Bawah is arguably the center of all Semarang residents’ activities and houses of several historical buildings which are icons of this city such as Lawang Sewu.

Whereas Semarang Atas is an area in the north, close to Mount Ungaran. This time, we will help you to explore the most popular things to do in Semarang so that your vacation can be even more memorable.

1. Simpang Lima

Things to do in Semarang

Let’s start by exploring Semarang Bawah first. Starting with the heart of Semarang, namely Simpang Lima. This tourist spot in Semarang is a very large field. Simpang Lima is more crowded by tourists at night because there are many activities that you can do here.

In the Simpang Lima you can have dinner in a food stall that is available in the area, or you can also just take a walk to enjoy the ambience of the night in this city. There are many food stalls that you can choose here with a choice of menus that vary greatly from pecel to chicken rice which is very famous.

2. Kota Lama

Things to do in Semarang

Kota Lama is an area that is in the city of Semarang as well as being one of the popular icons of the city that cannot be separated. Kota Lama can be a tourist attraction in Semarang that is very interesting to visit because here you can see the legacy of the Dutch occupation.

This place has very high tourism potential so you can find many interesting places with a combination of modern places with ancient-style buildings. Here there are several interesting places like Dream Museum Zone, parks, cafes, and cool restaurants.

3. Blenduk Church

Things to do in Semarang

Still in the Kota Lama area there is a church that is the center of attention of this place. The church is famous for the name Blenduk Church. Built in 1753 with the concept of a joglo-style building, this church is the oldest church in Central Java Province.

One of the most prominent things about this building is the large, red colored dome that is unique where the Javanese call it with the term of mblenduk. This building is still very well maintained to date with a very beautiful interior design.

4. Central Java Grand Mosque

Things to do in Semarang

Central Java Grand Mosque or locals call it Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Semarang. This very large mosque has an area of up to 10 hectares that was built with Javanese architecture and dominating orange.

In addition, the building of the mosque also adopts some outside architectural influences such as Roman and Arabic that you can see from the shape of the building. Plus in this area there is the Al Husna Tower which allows you to be able to see Semarang City from a height of 9 meters.

5. Lawang Sewu

Who doesn’t know Lawang Sewu? The increasingly famous building by a horror show in Indonesian private television is the most iconic landmark of Semarang City. There are several sources who say that the building dating from the 19th century is haunted because it had been used as a prison and execution.

Nevertheless, the Lawang Sewu architecture is quite antique and also beautiful to be used as a photo object. The name Lawang Sewu comes from the Javanese language, which means literally “a thousand doors”. You must definitely come to this tourist spot in Semarang.

6. Umbul Sidomukti

Things to do in Semarang

Let’s move to the Semarang Atas area or Ungaran, there are also many exciting attractions that you can visit here. One of them is Umbul Sidomukti which is located at the foot of Mount Ungaran. As the most popular tourist spot in Semarang Atas, Umbul Sidomukti presents an outbound challenge that is very exciting like flying fox and crossing a ravine with a rope bridge.

7. Gedong Songo Temple

Things to do in Semarang

Mount Ungaran is also a popular tourist spot in Semarang and home to the Gedong Songo Temple. In Javanese, Gedong Songo means “nine buildings”. Even so, the name does not indicate the number of temples here but has other special meanings in Javanese culture.

This temple is indeed built on high ground and a spread position so you need to climb a little to be able to come to all the temples that exist. But with that location, of course you will get an exciting experience as well as mountain views that are very worth your effort to get here.

8. Cimory on the Valley

Things to do in Semarang
Source: cimory-on-the-valley.business.site

With the concept of a family restaurant that located in the hills and have natural nuances, Cimory on the Valley is a tourist spot in Semarang that is suitable to visit with family, friends, or your spouse. Here there are many exciting recreational facilities such as mini zoos, children’s playgrounds, and so on. With a cool climate coupled with beautiful natural scenery, you can be here for a long time and enjoy the day. If the holiday season arrives, this place will be very full of visitors.

Let’s Go to Semarang!

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