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5 Things To Do in Lampung, with The Unrivaled Natural Beauty

Things To Do in Lampung – Traveling is indeed a powerful way to relieve stress and fatigue after a busy activity. You must have different ways to choose tourist attractions, right?

Some of you might like challenging places like hiking, and some of you actually like natural attractions and entertainment places that can be spent with your beloved family.

What about you, t-mates? Which tourist attraction that describes you? If you want to explore tourist attractions in Indonesia, tourist attractions in Lampung can be your holiday destination for sure. You can visit these several places in the following list!

Things To Do in Lampung with Their Natural Charm

1. Puncak Mas

Puncak Mas can be the first stop when you arrive in Lampung, and want to start exploring tourist attractions in Lampung. For your information, this Puncak Mas Tourist Place was previously a private area owned by Thomas Aziz Riska. However, it is now converted into a public area.

Tourist attractions located on Jl. H. Hamim RJP, Sukadana Ham, Tj. Karang Bar., Bandar Lampung City, Lampung has many interesting spots that show the beauty of nature from a height.

For example, such as Tree Houses, Flying Bicycles, and many more. Apart from Instagrammable, this place is also suitable as a place for a vacation with your beloved family.

2. Lake Suoh

The following tourist attractions in Lampung are natural attractions that are certainly very amazing. Located in Suoh Tourism Area, Kalibata Hamlet, Sukamarga Village, Suoh District, West Lampung Regency, Lampung Province, you can see 3 lakes at once!

Tempat Wisata di Lampung - Danau Suoh

Among them are Lake Wide Suoh (Danau Lebar Suoh), Lake Oil (Danau Minyak), and Lake Asam (Danau Asam). These three lakes were formed due to the Liwa earthquake that occurred in 1994. Although it has three adjacent lakes, Lake Suoh is the most popular lake to visit.

Although the terrain is difficult to pass, this one tourist place is very worth visiting,t-mates. So, make sure you come to visit this lake when you’re in Lampung.

3. Sakura Kemiling Hill

For t-mates who like photographs or beautiful natural scenery. Visiting this tourist attraction in Lampung, of course, can be the best choice for you. Sakura Kemiling Hill is a tourist place that presents a view of beautiful hills, and cool air because it is at a height.

Different from most tourist attractions that offer many spots that you can try. In this Sakura Kemiling Hill, you can only enjoy the beauty of the heights with amazing views and interesting spots to capture the moment through photos.

4. Pangonan Hill

With the concept of nature and scenery, Pangonan Hill is also a tourist spot in Lampung favored by tourists. Aside from being cool and beautiful, Bukit Pangonan also has many spots that you can visit, both to just take pictures or enjoy them.

The rides found in Pangonan Hill include an outbound arena, swimming pool, inflatable boat, fishing, bathing ball, viewing post, and many more. If you come to Lampung with your family, don’t forget to come to this place, t-mate!

5. Villa Gardenia

The last tourist attraction in Lampung that you can visit is Villa Gardenia. This place located on Jl. R.E. Martadinata, Sukajaya Lempasing, Teluk Pandan, Sukajaya Lempasing, Padang Cermin, Pesawaran District, Lampung. Tourist attractions that were previously just ordinary villas are now turning into an amazing tourist attraction.

Source: kemilinghttps://www.instagram.com/villa_gardenialampung

There are lots of photo spots that feature beautiful natural panoramas in this tourist spot in Lampung. Like the Hallway of Love, Substation, Hammock, to the bridge that is instagramable

Let’s Make Lampung As Your Holiday Destination

Take a trip to Lampung and exploring the tourist attractions in this city is of course really fun, right, t-mates?. You can also bring your family to exploring Lampung City and build a good quality time with them here.

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