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4 Things That You Must Avoid When New Year’s Holiday

Who here doesn’t like the atmosphere of the new year’s holiday? No one doesn’t like it! Do you agree? If you usually spend time on super-dense activities, during a long new year holiday, you could have a quality time with your loved ones. Who doesn’t happy to hear that?

New year holidays will always be celebrated with great enthusiasm. But … but … but … there is something you need to remember! Not everything can be done during the New Year’s vacation!

4 Things You Must Avoid During a New Year’s Holiday

  1. Fishing

Hey! Hey! It’s time to call all of you who like fishing! It’s okay to fishing but do not ever try to fish a problem!

Especially fishing for noise in Labuan Cermin! It’s a big No-No! Why? Because Labuan Cermin is a conservation area. Located in Berau District, East Kalimantan, Labuan Cermin has a layer that makes sunlight reflect and has very clear water. Even sea sand can be seen very clearly.

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Well! Instead of you fish a commotion, it’s better to fish a tranquility by swimming or snorkeling with the fish there. Do you agree?

  1. Don’t light firecrackers and fireworks


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It’s not a new year if you don’t have firecrackers and fireworks. But it turns out, lighting firecrackers and fireworks can be really dangerous, you know! This will be a boomerang if you turn on firecrackers and fireworks in the living room of a neighbor’s house! This also a big No-No! You will be reported to the Neighborhood Association. He he he.

The thing to avoid from firecrackers and other fireworks is that you turn it on in Tanjung Puting, East Kalimantan.

liburan tahun baru - keindahan tanjung puting

Why? Because you can damage this natural tourism while destroying the native habitat of Orang Utan. You must avoid this, Budd!

  1. Don’t Run Away


A vacation will not be complete without having fun in an entertainment place with your dear ones. You may just celebrate New Year’s holidays while joking and running. However, so far we haven’t realized that there are dangerous runs. Namely, running away from the pursuit of debt!!! Oops, try to remember again that you have already paid your debt yet? Do not let the friendship cut off just because it avoids debt problems!

Then, what kind of running that is okay that you can do?

liburan tahun baru - disneyland tokyo

Wooh! Surely running at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan! Apart from being able to run, you can be happy and play with the family in a playground with the themes of films produced by Walt Disney.

  1. Don’t Forget to Open the App

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