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Tanggal Merah Promo, Let’s Go for Holiday!

Holiday Promo – Hey, Budd, Is there anyone who is not interested in promos? Seems impossible, huh? Moreover, if the promo is related to a holiday ticket! Surely anyone will flock to win the promo!

While it’s still early in the year, you really have to prepare holiday resolutions for this year. Vacation with family, friends, girlfriend, or whoever is up to you. Because has a holiday promo that can make your dream vacation come true.

For those of you who are getting dizzy with work overtime and hoping to get a vacation, it’s time to make your holiday come true! There are many holidays that you can make as a long holiday, you know! You sure, you don’t want to vacation?

so lucky you read this article. Because you can get a secret move to get promo prices of Tanggal Merah Promo. Want to know, what’s the move? Check this out!

The Right Way to Get the Tanggal Merah Promo from

  1. Check the Holiday that Potentially Becomes a Long Vacation

Very important, you have to check the holidays first which can be a long vacation for you. Don’t let this rare opportunity just disappear. Remember, your body and mind also need a vacation!

So, check it before you determine the right holiday destination to fill in the holiday later.

If it fits with the schedule, then, of course, you can immediately determine where to go and with whom. Complete all of your intentions and needs, don’t just leave the holiday as a discourse!

Already done? See the next point immediately.

  1. Take Advantage of Your Smartphone

Really lucky for you that can’t get away from your smartphone. Because you can continue to monitor the application and find out what promos are taking place.

Make sure you have installed the application! Because this promo is only valid on applications, both IOS and Android.

For the Tanggal Merah Promo, there are domestic flight tickets, domestic hotels, and international hotels that are ready for you! The discount can make you ashamed of the holidays time, if you don’t take it fast.

Regarding payment, this promo applies to all shipping methods available at This is a good deal, right?

Is there a promo code?

Promo Tanggal Merah

Yes, buddy. There are 3 choices of promo codes that you can use at checkout later.

Use the TIKETTGLMERAH promo code to get discounts up to 13% (maximum Rp. 600,000) for domestic routes. This code is specifically for Garuda Indonesia, Citilink and Sriwijaya airlines.

Use the TGLMERAHDOM Promo code for a 12% discount (maximum Rp. 1,300,000) for domestic hotel bookings.

As well as the TGLMERAHINT promo code to get a 12% discount (maximum Rp. 1,300,000) for international hotel bookings.

When This Promo is Held?

The Tanggal Merah Promo from starts from January 28 to February 5th. Before this promo ends, hunt for messages on airplane and hotel tickets via the application and enter the promo code.

This promo is valid for bookings with unlimited periods, ticket friend. So, you can book airplane and hotel tickets for your holiday plans. Use this opportunity to get low prices by using the Tanggal Merah Promo.

How interesting is this Tanggal Merah Promo from

Now, it’s time to grab your smartphone and keep on booking airplane & hotel tickets promos at the Tanggal Merah Promo.

Don’t miss the promo and make sure you have read the terms and conditions that apply before joining this promo. You can read the recommendations of this vacation destination if you still don’t know where to go.

So, are you ready for a vacation? Come on, let’s come and get the promotion