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⚡ Staycation in Bandung With Family, A New Way to Enjoy Holidays

Staycation or stay vacation is the solution for those of you who want a vacation without going far and with a pressing budget. Certainly, the hotel is a destination for staycations for those of you who want to reduce exhaustion, but have very limited time.

You can do a staycation with your spouse or family, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility to do it with your besties. For girls, you can make this staycation an event to do a Pajama Party. It’s really exciting, right?

But for you who want to go with family, it’s really necessary to choose the right hotel. Especially if you bring along children, choosing a hotel that provides facilities for children will certainly make this short vacation even more enjoyable. 5 Bandung’s Tourist Attractions to Visit at Night can be your reference to holiday in Bandung.

Staycation in Bandung with Family

Are you domiciled in Bandung? It must be really exciting because you can easily go to tourist attractions in Bandung. Or maybe you’re bored because you have explored various tourist attractions in Bandung?

Relax, you can apply the staycation at the Bandung Hotel with your family. For a vacation like this one, it certainly can provide a new atmosphere for you. Moreover, there will be a surprise given by for you who live in Bandung. What is the surprise? Here is the review!

Bandung OTW Promo

Of course, you already know that Online Tiket Week Promo from is coming again on March 25, 2019, right? So, are you ready yet for your Harga Gledek? This time, the OTW Bandung Promo will grab a hotel ticket that can make your staycation even more exciting of course.

So, you can stay at your favorite hotel with Harga Gledek given by So, first of all, you have to install the application on your smartphone to be able to follow the Harga Gledek at this OTW Promo.

The Harga Gledek which will grab hotels in Bandung is very attractive, right? You can book hotels starting from IDR 255,000 per night with a 4-star hotel classification! The following are hotel prices in Bandung that will be hit by Harga Gledek OTW promo by

Price List Promo OTW Bandung

Well, for you who are tired of vacationing in Bandung, you can also book hotels outside Bandung for staycations. Like Jakarta for example, if you really want a stay with a distance not too far from Bandung.

If you want to go on vacation, you want to get a very affordable hotel price. You can rely on the OTW Promo for hotel bookings. Like in Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. Here is the price list that you can see from the OTW hotel promo from

Promo OTW Hotel Price List (starts from)

City  3 Stars Hotel  4 Stars Hotel  
Jakarta IDR 200.000 IDR 350.000
Surabaya IDR 160.000 IDR 300.000
Jogjakarta IDR 200.000 IDR 300.000
Bali IDR 140.000 IDR 190.000
Kuala Lumpur   IDR 175.000 IDR 278.000
Singapore IDR 559.000 IDR 1.000.000  

So, now you know where to stay?