Palembang Souvenirs


Gifts or Souvenirs to Bring Home From Palembang

As the capital of South Sumatra province and also one of the oldest cities in Southeast Asia, the city of Palembang is also very famous as the City of Pempek.

The city is also very popular as a tourist destination in Sumatra. The thing that you must do while in Palembang is visiting the city icon, the Ampera Bridge and also tasting its delicious special food, Pempek.

Traditional Souvenirs from Palembang

Then after you are satisfied enjoying your holiday here, what can you bring home as souvenirs after you visit Palembang? There are many choices that you can buy to bring home as a memento or shared to people at home.

1. Pempek Palembang

Palembang Souvenirs

Speaking of Palembang, surely what you have to buy is Pempek. Aside that you have to taste it while you are there, you can also make this food as a selection of typical Palembang souvenirs.

You can take Pempek home in a raw state. That way the food can last longer. Later at home you only need to cook it. It’s not hard to cook pempek. Simply fry in oil only until the color is browned.

2. Kemplang

One of the choices of Palembang souvenirs that last long is kemplang crackers. This cracker is made of fish and has a texture that is rather rough but crispy and the taste is savory.

Kemplang will be more enjoyable if you eat it with chili paste. Besides that, it’s not that hard to find kemplang because many sellers sell this food. Plus it’s cheap so you can buy a lot.

3. Lempok Durian

This food is made from king fruit and is suitable for you to take home as a typical Palembang souvenir. It tastes sweet, and for those of you who like to eat this fruit, you will really like the taste of this lempok durian.

Even though it is made from king fruit, it doesn’t smell like the fruit itself. That way you can take it home without fear of causing a sharp smell on the plane.

4. Maksuba Cake

It looks almost like a layer cake in general. You could say this maksuba cake is a Palembang version of that layer cake. This famous cake is a food that is served for guests, from generation to generation.

You can make maksuba cakes as Palembang souvenirs. Some of the ingredients used to make these cakes include eggs, butter, sweetened condensed milk, granulated sugar, and vanilla essence.

5. Eight Hours Cake

Eight-hour cakes can also be the right choice to take home and eat it together with friends or family. The name is quite unique, taken from the making process which takes up to eight hours.

What makes this cake so delicious is the ingredients used. If generally cakes are made with flour, it is different from an eight-hour cake that uses duck eggs and sugar. It also makes the texture soft and can last a long time.

6. Palembang Fabric

If you are looking for Palembang souvenirs that are not food, then you can buy Palembang-style fabrics. Especially if you want to buy souvenirs for parents or your mother in-laws, this choice is perfect.

This fabric is available in a variety of motifs and colors. You can choose to suit your taste. This fabric is also very suitable for attending official events.

7. Martabak Har

Martabak is a food that is already very popular in Indonesia. Even so, there is also the Palembang version of the martabak that you must taste, and you can also bring it home as a souvenir.

The martabak is martabak Har. The texture of this martabak is slightly different compared to martabak in general. In addition, Har martabak is also eaten with a mixture of curry sauce.

Many Choices of Palembang Souvenirs

You can get all these items easily at the famous souvenir shops in Palembang. See also Palembang’s best culinary experience that you should try. Flying to Palembang would be cheaper if you order flight tickets at, which has many promos.