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Solo Traveling Abroad Tips for First Timer

Have you been experienced solo traveling? Or are you thrilled to try it once? It is very exciting and you must try at least once. For those who never have tried it before, there are some things you need to know first before you go on one, especially solo traveling abroad. You must be nervous and your heads are filled with questions like “what if I get lost?”, “where would I go?”, “what if anything bad happens?” Relax, everyone must feel the same. But you don’t need to worry because it’s not as intimidating as you thought it would be.

Actually, you will have a new unique experience by solo traveling overseas. It will give you a sensation that you have never get before. By doing so, you can manage your own itinerary however you like. Besides, you may feel more relaxed and also get to know more about yourself on your trip alone.

Well, if you are planning to have solo traveling abroad, then we have 7 useful tips to prevent you from a common mistake and make the trip way more fun for yourself. Here are 7 tips for you if you are a first timer on solo traveling abroad. Check it out!

Plan A Solo Traveling Abroad

1. Find the Best Transportation and Accommodation

Since you are going to be out there by yourself, the first thing you want to check is the transportation and accommodation options. However, the easiest way to find the best options is by visiting From there you can get information about the most affordable way to get there and spend the night. You can also find out about the facilities, services, and nearest place you can drop by from the hotel.

Transportation is another aspect to be prepared if you want to travel by yourself. In, you are not only able to book a flight to place you want to go, but you can also get the information about the local transportation to get from one place to another. You can have all that only in one place.

And also you have to be careful about that public transportation. Keep aware of your belongings and surroundings. Do not wear too many jewels on you to prevent an unwanted scene. Prevention is better than cure, right?

2. Plan the Trip and Also The Expenses

Before you go traveling abroad by yourself, you need to know every destination you want to visit that country. Find out any tourist destination or attraction that might be interesting to come by. If you plan this well, your vacation will be more efficient and you will not waste any time there. Well, when you traveling by yourself, you don’t have any friends to share ideas about where to go. So if you have planned the trip before you go, you won’t be wandering around and have no idea where should you be at that moment. In addition, you can find any interesting places by searching on the internet.

Besides planning the trip itself, you also need to plan the expenses you are going to make it there. You might have several places to go, and you need to manage money for it well. You certainly don’t want to run out of money, especially in a foreign country. So, plan it well, and you will have exciting experience without any unwanted trouble.

3. Pack Your Things Neat and Tidy

Bring too many things with you will not be ideal for your trip. Aside from too much weight to carry, it will also give you pain on the site you are on because too much stuff may mean more trouble of course. Best advice to travel alone is travel light. Yes, you can stroll anywhere you want without pain in your back because your backpack is not too heavy. But don’t forget to bring essential things with you.

Bring some papers also with you because that is very important. Don’t forget your passport, ID, Visa, etc. And you might want to bring some copies of those papers just in case you need them in the country you visit.

4. Act Natural

It might sound insignificant, but it definitely will help you survive. Yes, don’t look like you are an outsider without proper information about the place you are visiting. Sometimes, crimes will aim they who seem like need help, and they will rob you by offering some help first. You also need to know the rules of the place you are visiting. Do not let the locals give you uneasy look because you unintentionally did something they consider as impolite.

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If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to take out your map. But don’t take too much time on viewing that map. Or you can also see the map on your phone because that seems more natural. Another advice is don’t go to a quiet place. Remember that you are traveling alone so you might want to go for a bit more crowded place.

5. Keep Your Phone Battery at Good Level

Your phone will be your great companion when you go on a trip by yourself. So you want to keep your phone’s battery at a good level when you are roaming around. You will need your phone to book the hotel, to find information about a place, to translate what you are going to say to locals, etc. So you probably don’t want to play your favorite mobile games on your phone during the trip because it will drain your battery. And also, what is the point of a vacation if your attention always goes to the screen, right? Enjoy the show.

6. Be Careful of Who You Are Asking for Help

Sometimes you want to take a picture of yourself with a wonderful background of the place you are visiting, and taking a selfie is not a great way to capture the whole view. So the solution is by asking strangers to take a picture of yours. There is nothing wrong with requesting a favor, but you need to be careful. Look for people who enjoy their visit there as you are. Don’t ask people in rush or busy. Don’t forget to prepare your camera and say thank you.

7. Prepare Your Condition

Well, the last but not least is to prepare yourself. Make sure that you are in good condition to travel far by yourself. Don’t forget to exercise and prepare your body so you won’t get easily get sick. Eat a healthy diet so you have the energy to walk around the town. With the great physical condition, you will also have good mental so you can be more cautious when traveling safely.

Solo Traveling Abroad
Solo Traveling Abroad

Go Get Yourself A New Experience

Easy, isn’t it? 7 tips for your solo traveling abroad. Well, aren’t you get more excited to go on a trip by yourself after reading this? So what are you waiting for? Get prepared, pack your bag, and go on one. Enjoy the trip all for yourself and find or experience something new.

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