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7 Shopping Place to Visit in London, Hey Shopaholic!

Who doesn’t know the United Kingdom? Known as a country of football clubs, high-end fashion houses, and pop culture, no wonder that it has become a famous tourist destination in the European region. If you are planning to have a vacation here, London offers a variety of must-visit shopping places. Wanna know those places? Read more below!

1. Harrods

Wisata Surga Belanja di London - Harrods Departement Store

For sobat tiket who are already familiar with famous clothing retailers such as Zara, H&M, or Topshop, this first shopping place is great for you. Located close to the Knightsbridge subway station, this place has been established since 1849, it’s been around 170 years. Wow, amazing right!

With an area of up to 20,000 square meters, no wonder that Harrods Department Store is the largest mall in the European region. Having 330 department stores that sell various kinds of things from clothing, home furnishings to electronics, surely you will feel comfortable shopping here. In addition, there are about 23 restaurants ready to serve world-class dishes for the visitors.

2. Portobello Market

sobat tiket like vintage items? If so, then this shopping place is suitable for you. This antique market sells various types of rare antiques with a price to millions pound sterling. Some of the domestic or foreign tourists can visit this market started from 9 am to 7 pm every day.

Originally this market area was farms before finally houses and markets were built in 1739. Located in the Notting Hill area, sobat tiket can get here by subway and get off at Notting Hill station. If you want to take the bus, you can ride from Victoria, Oxford Street, or Hyde Park using buses with numbers 7, 12 or 23.

3. Camden Lock Market

Wisata Surga Belanja di London - Camden Lock Market

Similarly, for sobat tiket who like vintage items, this market can be included in the list of holiday itinerary to the U.K. This market is well-known among British people as a creative craft market. Camden Lock Market has been around since 1974 and is located in Camden Town, London.

There are many interesting items ranging from clothing, souvenirs to musical instruments that are sold at cheap prices. Not to mention, there are also various food outlets that sell plenty of tasty dishes from all around the world. If you want to come here, sobat tiket can take the subway and get off at Camden station.

4. Hamleys

For sobat tiket who are going on vacation with children, then this market is one of the shopping attractions that must be visited. Hamleys is one of the most popular toy shopping centers in the UK. Here, you can find numerous types of cool toys for souvenirs or just buy as a birthday present.

Established in 1760, there are approximately 50,000 types of toys available at Hamleys. Variety of toys such as dolls, action figures, or lego are available here. Certainly, Hamleys is a toy store that is a heaven for children or toy collector.

5. Bond Street

Wisata Surga Belanja di London - Bond Street

This shopping place is perfect for you who always follow the latest trends in the fashion world. Classified as a luxury shopping center in London, many Hollywood artists to the British royal family often come here. For those of you who collect high-end brand things, come here right away.

There are several prestigious European fashion brands on Bond Street, for instance, Burberry, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and many more. Of course, sobat tiket must prepare a lot of money in order to purchase even small purse in here. Oh yeah, if lucky you can bump into some Hollywood stars walking in Bond Street for shopping.

6. Bicester Village

Who doesn’t like discounted items? Hmm, if you want to find luxury brand items at prices that meet your budget, then you have to come here. Bicester Village is located in the city of Bicester, Oxfordshire and has become a shopping area since 1995. This place is the second favorite destinations among foreign tourists after Buckingham Palace.

There are around 160 stores of local to international brands available start from Gucci, Valentino to Versace. Some of the items price here are slightly cheaper than those items which are usually sold in Bond Street or Oxford Street. To reach Bicester Village, you can take the train and get off at Marylebone London Station.

7. Covent Garden Market

Wisata Surga Belanja di London - Covent Garden Market

For those of you who want to come to traditional markets that have a modern vibe, this market can be your choice. Here, sobat tiket can hunt cool items while enjoying cozy cafes around here. Many tourists and local people often hang out while chatting with friends here.

This place is divided into 3 areas, namely Apple Market, East Colonnade Market, and Jubilee Market. The Apple Market area sells unique and antique items, East Colonnade Market sells a variety of daily necessities ranging from clothing to household supplies. Meanwhile, Jubilee Market offers different items every day.

Now you know, if you are planning to visit London, these 7 places are a must on your shopping list. You can add these shopping places above to your holiday itinerary in London. Don’t have a passport yet? Worry not, there’s an easy way to make your passport online quickly!

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