Shopping Paradise in Bangkok


10 Shopping Paradise in Bangkok (Shop til You Drop!)

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok – Bangkok does have an urban landscape that is not much different from the big cities in Indonesia. But still, this capital city of Thailand has its own value which can be used as a strong reason to visit, especially for those who visit Thailand for the first time. In this article, we will show why the city of Bangkok can be a paradise for shoppers.

Where to Find the Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok can be a fun and exciting new experience, whatever you are looking for when shopping. Not only in the malls that offer all the modern facilities, but shopping in a traditional place can also attract you to take out all the Baht in your wallet. So, where is the shopping paradise in Bangkok that you should know? Check out the full list below!

1. Bangkok Shopping Malls

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

Not so much different than Jakarta, Bangkok also has many modern malls that can be your destination of shopping paradise in Bangkok. From the legendary MBK mall, the sophisticated Emporium mall, the trendy Siam Discovery mall and the Central World Plaza, and the high-class Siam Paragon mall. Bangkok provides a complete mall for all tastes, styles, and different budgets.

2. Pratunam Market

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

Pratunam Market is a large market where the majority of products that sold here are clothing, shoes, and various other fashion accessories. This place should be on your list of shopping paradise in Bangkok that you must visit. Interestingly, almost all the items here are sold at wholesale prices. But you don’t need to worry, because even if you buy goods in retail you will still get a cheap price. This market is at the intersection between Ratchaprop and Petchburi roads.

3. Chatuchak Market

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

Chatuchak Market is a shopping center that was once only popular with big traders. But then this market finally reached its highest point and became one of the best shopping paradise in Bangkok that you must visit. This market has a very large area and a wide selection of merchandise that you can buy. Here you can shop whatever you want.

4. Floating Market

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

There are many new traders who prefer to sell merchandise which aimed for tourists nowadays, rather than traders who sell necessities for local residents. Even so, the floating market in Bangkok still provides merchandise such as fresh vegetables and fruits, coconuts, and traditional food that is cooked in floating kitchens aka on boats. You can pick this floating market as a shopping paradise in Bangkok. Go to Khlong Lat Mayom, Damnoen, or Amphawa to find these market.

5. Night Market

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

The Night Market in Bangkok is a perfect place if you want to enjoy the nightly atmosphere in the capital of Thailand along with local residents. Here there are many traders who sell various kinds of goods and products. You can also find snacks and entertainment in this shopping paradise in Bangkok. The biggest night market is Rod Fai Market in the eastern part of Bangkok.

6. Chinatown Market

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

Small alleyways and streets between Yaowarat Road and Chao Phraya River are filled with lined tents and sell various kinds of goods. Ranging from accessories, vegetables, food, clothing, sandals, toys, household furniture, and much more. This place is one of the most popular shopping paradise in Bangkok. Not far from here you can visit a beautiful Chinese temple.

7. Bangkok Flower Market

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

The next shopping paradise in Bangkok is the Bangkok Flower Market or Pak Khlong Talat which is the largest flower shop in Bangkok. This market provides almost all types of popular flowers for you to buy such as roses, orchids, lily, and much more. Most of the flowers here are sold in large quantities like 50 to 100 and are given very cheap prices. This flower market is located on the road Chak Phet close to Saphan Phut.

8. Asiatique The Riverfront

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

Asiatique the Riverfront is a combination result of a night market and a mall. With a distance of about 10 minutes from Saphan Taksin BTS station, this place is one of the shopping paradise in Bangkok with more than 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants. Opened from 5pm, you can spend the night here casually and buy the items you want.

9. Siam Square

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

It’s a common knowledge in Bangkok that if you want to know what fashion is currently trendy, you can immediately come to Siam Square. This place is filled with boutiques, cafes, and traders who sell various kinds of clothing. No wonder this place is one of the shopping paradise in Bangkok where fashion lovers can get clothing that suits to their taste. Here you can not only find clothes from popular brands, but also clothes made by local designers.

10. Pantip Plaza

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

Finally to complete the list of shopping paradise in Bangkok, you can come to Pantip Plaza to find electronic devices. Pantip Plaza is the most complete electronic store in Thailand. This place is also very famous as a place to get the latest or used electronic devices at very affordable prices.

Spend Every Baht Wisely

Don’t forget to visit those shopping paradise in Bangkok when you are going on a vacation to the capital city of Thailand. After visiting all the places that have been mentioned above, then you will know why Bangkok is the right place for a vacation and shopping. Beside Bangkok, check also the must visit shopping centers in Singapore. Order cheap flight tickets to Bangkok via