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5 “Must Visit” Shopping Centers in Singapore

Shopping Center in Singapore – For you who has a hobby of shopping, surely you already know that the country of the lion statue is the coolest place for shopping. Not only as the world-famous tourist attraction, but Singapore is also a shopping paradise for branded goods at low prices.

You must have heard very often if there are many shopping places in Singapore that sell various kinds of goods, ranging from souvenirs, electronics, fashion, to branded beauty products marketed at cheap prices here? If you plan to vacation in Singapore, it is really fitting to read this article.

Because you can know about where is the shopping paradise in Singapore. So, if you want to buy souvenirs for your family or relatives, you don’t need to worry about the expensive price. You can hunt for groceries in places that tiket.com will give for you. Do you want to know, anywhere around shopping in Singapore that can sell branded goods at cheap prices and original quality? Check out this article below!

Shopping Center in Singapore That You Can’t-Miss!

  1. Cineleisure Orchard

The first shopping place in Singapore is Orchard Cineleisure located in the Orchard area. This mall will usually be visited by young people who hunt for famous fashion items at super cheap prices. In fact, this Mall does not only sell fashion items, but you will also find handphone accessories and many more.

Being a favorite place for tourists to hunt for souvenirs at cheap prices, shopping in Singapore will certainly be very crowded. So, you must be prepared to jostle when shopping here. This shopping paradise in Singapore provides various famous fashion items such as Charles & Keith, Cotton On, Pedro, and another various famous brand at low prices. This shopping place in Singapore also sells a variety of typical Singapore souvenirs that are very suitable for souvenirs.

  1. Anchorpoint Shopping Center

Tempat Belanja di Singapura - Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Singapore is really famous for its wide selection of branded goods sold at low prices. Shopping in this shopping center offers groceries that are sold at a discount of 30% to 70%. You who like unique and antic items such as the work of artists, designers, or craftsmen, you can get at Anchorpoint Shopping Center.

For women, this place is a shopping paradise in Singapore that won’t be missed. Especially if you like beauty products. Because you will get various kinds of beauty products from various brands that are sold at fairly cheap prices.

  1. Chinatown

Tempat Belanja di Singapura - China Town

If you want to shop in large quantities, you have to shop at this one shop in Singapore. Because in this shopping paradise in Singapore you will get a variety of groceries at very cheap prices.

Very suitable for you who wants to shop for souvenirs for family or relatives while visiting Singapore. Because the seller in Chinatown will give you a cheaper price than other shopping centers in Singapore. Chinatown is also a favorite shopping spot for tourists who come to Singapore, you know.

  1. Orchard Road

Tempat Belanja di Singapura - Orchad Road

Who doesn’t know that Orchard Road is a shopping paradise in Singapore that sells branded goods at affordable prices? Come to Orchard Road to shop at the Singapore Great Sale. Because you will get items with greater discounts at this great moment of sale.

Certainly, branded goods sold on Orchard Road are cheaper, when compared to the prices of goods sold domestically. Visiting this shopping place in Singapore is ready to make you crazy!

  1. Bugis Junction

Tempat Belanja di Singapura - Bugis Junction

The last shopping place in Singapore is a shopping place that is divided into two parts. Entering this area, you will find shopping places in the form of malls and open shops along the way. You who want to buy clothes, this bazaar in Bugis Junction presents a large selection of clothes at low prices.

Shopping at a shopping place in Singapore requires a bargaining skill. Because, if you are not smart to bid, you will be stuck with the price offered by the seller. So, prepare your skills to bid on items sold in this place, to get the right price.

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