vacation tips on sandwiched day for employee


Simple Vacation Tips on Sandwiched Day for Employees

Do you agree if the sandwiched day is the biggest trigger that makes you feel “lazy” to do routine activities as usual? Why don’t you just take a day off and enjoy a long holiday? This thought must be often cross your mind.

For employees, the sandwiched day can really make the spirit to do routines drop dramatically. If you usually wake up and get ready to go to the office immediately, it’s different when the sandwiched day arrives. In fact, you need more time to gather your spirit in bed, before going to the bathroom and going to the office.

There are tips that are right for you to face the dilemma of that day is coming. Do you want to know, what are these tips? Yep, that’s true! Annual leave is an option that can make a sandwiched day, become a long holiday.

Before submitting annual leave to your boss, there are a number of things you need to prepare first. What are those? Check this out!

Sandwiched Day Can Be a Long Vacation? How Come?

  1. Do a Calendar Check

Tips for a sandwiched day, you can start from doing a calendar check. By checking the calendar, you can determine what date or day you want to apply for annual leave and be ready for a long holiday when that day arrives.

Usually, in addition to taking time off in the middle of a sandwiched day, you can also take a leave before and after a sandwiched day, so your holiday is a little longer. Therefore, you can maximize your holiday time and forget for a moment your tasks at the office.

By utilizing this sandwiched day, you can also recharge your mood to be even more enthusiastic about completing office tasks. Also, check out the following 2019 National Holiday Calendar to plan for another long holiday next year.

  1. Plan a Holiday

After checking the calendar and finding the right time for a sandwiched day, you can start to plan a holiday. Don’t let this long vacation only for sleeping or doing nothing in your room. There are many other things that can make your day more impressive.

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One of them is to plan a holiday with your friends, family, or partner. Also, call them to take a day off on this day and go together to the place you planned.

No need to plan a holiday that is too far away, you can choose the nearest vacation spot. Because the most important thing is, that you have more time to spend with your loved ones.

  1. Submit Annual Leave

After your vacation plan has been completed, you can start to apply for annual leave. Remember that annual leave takes a little time to confirm, make sure you submit it long before.

When your holiday plan has been completed and leave permission has been approved, it’s time to realize your long holiday. Enjoy your time with your family, friends, and partner. After the holidays, you can be more productive and ready to complete all the delayed tasks.

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