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7 Reasons Not to Stay At Home During a Sandwiched Day!

Work piled up, traffic jams are problems of many citizens in Jakarta. Weekend becomes a time to rest from all activities during the weekday. In addition to weekend holidays, there is also a sandwiched day holiday, commonly known as the Harpitnas or National Sandwiched Day (a day sandwiched with two holidays).

Many things that can be done during the sandwiched day. What to know more? Check it out, here!

1. Sandwiched Day is Rarely Occurs

Liburan Hari Kejepit - Hari Kejepit Itu Jarang Terjadi

Weekend holidays or special holiday are common and always occur. Meanwhile in contrast to sandwiched day. For this reason, you guys must take advantage of this rare holiday time well. Do some fun activities that can help restore your feelings from being tired of working. Don’t waste your time on holidays just by just lazing around, huh!

2. Rest is Important, But Don’t Forget Holiday

Liburan Hari Kejepit - Istirahat Penting, Tapi Liburan Jangan Lupa

Stress due to a lot of work & traffic jams, making you Ticket Ticket tired with daily activities. After five days of work, during weekends or holidays, a sandwiched day is usually used to rest at home. Well, besides taking a break, you can use the time that rarely appears with a vacation to pleasant places. That way, guaranteed when returning to work, Friend Ticket will be excited again.

3. Refreshing from daily activities

Liburan Hari Kejepit - Refreshing dari Aktivitas Sehari-hari

Holidays are one of the effective remedies to eliminate stressful thoughts besides resting. Working in front of the monitor screen every day without refreshing the mind will make an ugly mood. Therefore, you need an occasional vacation to restore the sense of enthusiasm for work. Take a trip to beautiful places can help you restore your mind and energy.

4. Take a walk with the family

Liburan Hari Kejepit - Jalan-jalan dengan Keluarga

Every day your time is spent working and returning home just to rest. So, many precious moments with family or loved ones must be sacrificed. To make up that lost time, you can use this sandwiched day holiday. Plan a fun vacation with your family to make a lot of wonderful experiences with your family or loved ones.

5. Visiting Interesting Attractions

Liburan Hari Kejepit - Mengunjungi Tempat Wisata Menarik

Tired of going to the mall on holiday weekends? Try visiting other interesting sights. It’s not wrong to go there, but it’s best if you try to visit other attractions. You can try other fun activities when you are on a day trip, such as a picnic in the park, visiting a museum or playing in an amusement park. Explore many interesting places to experience a different holiday experience.

6. Go To a Cool Places to Take a Photo

Liburan Hari Kejepit - Foto Tempat Bagus Buat Update Media Sosial

Do you often take photos and upload them to social media accounts? So take advantage of this sandwiched day by visiting some instagrammable places. Lots of good attractions in Jakarta or outside Jakarta to visit. Take a good advantage of your vacation time

7. Lots of Promos Available on

Liburan Hari Kejepit - Banyak Promo Bertebaran di

After knowing what you want to spend on a holiday like a day, there is just one more thing to do, open There are many great promos available to choose like flight tickets, hotels or attractions place that you can get. Choose the promo that fit your holiday plan and browse it on website or download the app on Playstore or Appstore.

Now, you know right? Instead of just lazing around at home, when you are on a holiday, you can go out to spend time with vacation. Do some activities that usually cannot be done because of the dense daily activities. But remember, do not forget to adjust your holiday budget so it will not cost you a lot of money. Happy holidays, people!