Romantic Countries in the World


8 Best Romantic Countries in the World for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day soon. If on that day you are planning to go on a vacation with your spouse, then in this article, will mention several countries that can be the best option to be your destination.

Starting from the choice of exotic countries that are far away on the continents of Europe and America, to countries in Asia that are no less captivating. All of the country choices below are certainly can be a fantastic destination for both of you.

Romantic Countries in the World for Honeymoon

Not only you can choose these countries as your destination on Valentine’s Day, some of the following countries are also suitable for you to visit as honeymoon destination. Whatever it is, going on a vacation together with your partner is an important moment for a serious relationship.

If you are just married and want to find a destination for a honeymoon or valentine vacation, then here are some romantic country destinations in the world. Without a doubt, you and your partner will love each other more after coming home from this trip.

1. France

Romantic Countries in the World

Starting from the first romantic country in the world, France. More precisely if you come to this country, you must visit the capital which is located in the City of Paris. Here you can walk together and enjoy the atmosphere of the city which is very romantic.

In addition you can also complete the day by buying typical French bread such as croissants or baguettes and eat them while enjoying the beautiful cityscape of Paris, France.

When you are walking together, accompanied by music from street performers, you can approach your spouse then whisper “je t’aime”. Surely your partner will never stop smiling.

2. Italy

Romantic Countries in the World

What makes Italy take a spot into the list of romantic countries in the world? The answer is Venice, a floating city with canals that you can wade through together with a gondola. Very romantic, right?

In addition to traversing the canal with a gondola, another romantic thing you can do in Venice is walking across more than 350 bridges in the city and seeing its beautiful reflections on the surface of the water. When you are in Italy, you will feel as if you are between dreams and reality. To say your love for your partner, you can say “ti amo”.

3. Netherland

Romantic Countries in the World

Many people agree that Paris is a lovely city. But people who have gone together with their partners to the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands can certainly give a different opinion.

Exactly! Amsterdam has many reasons that make the Netherlands a romantic country in the world. You can make this place as your dream destination if you want a romantic vacation together with your partner.

When you are with your partner, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of a romantic night in the city of Amsterdam that decorated with beautiful lights around, do not forget to tell your partner, “ik hou van jou”.

4. Indonesia

Romantic Countries in the World

Don’t be surprised because Indonesia is also a romantic country in the world. There are many romantic destinations in Indonesia. You can spend two nights in Ubud to enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains that leave you and your partner speechless.

The view in ubud can grow affection between the two of you and make you feel like the world belongs only for both of you. Don’t forget to express your love from the deepest heart when there and say, “aku cinta kamu”.

5. Argentina

Romantic Countries in the World

Where is the romantic place in Argentina? The answer is at the “edge of the world”. Don’t be surprised, because in this country there is a place that can make you feel like you’re at the edge of the world together with your partner.

The place is Ushuaia which is the southernmost city in the world, so it can be called a city on the edge of the world. For you romantic partner, this place can be a place where you determine the couple goals for the future.

In this place there is a lighthouse called Les Eclaireurs with a very beautiful view of the ice mountains. There you can make your partner smile by saying “te amo”.

6. Thailand

Romantic Countries in the World

Thailand is also a romantic country in the world. In Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, you can take a walk through the city, or take a tuk-tuk together. Besides that you can also learn local culture by visiting local markets.

Not much different from the city of Jakarta, Bangkok is also a city that never sleeps. Here you can always find things that keep you busy like tasting local cuisine and shopping at the local market.

After you are satisfied to take a walk in the city of Bangkok, then you and your partner can relax and visit Thai massage to replenish your energy to be ready to take another adventure by going to the romantic Chao Phraya river.

7. Japan

Romantic Countries in the World

If you look at the Asian continent, of course you can’t miss Japan as a romantic country in the world. Japan of course offers a lot of romantic places that you can visit together with your beloved partner.

What romantic things can you both do in Japan? Here you can enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji, shop at several Japanese shopping centers, visit several temples, and come to Tokyo DisneySea.

If you are satisfied of traveling around Japan, you can rest and stay at a ryokan, lodging that features Japanese-style facilities and building styles. Very romantic!

8. South Korea

Romantic Countries in the World

South Korea is very famous for its culture. Especially if your partner is a fan of culture from this romantic country in the world, she will be very happy because you take her here.

There are a lot of things you can do together when you are in South Korea such as visiting many art galleries or exploring ancient architecture such as Changgyeonggung, Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugung palaces.

South Korea can be the right place for valentine or honeymoon because not only it has stunning city scene, but also a culinary choice that can make you both try new things.

Exciting Vacation and Set Your Couple Goals There

It’s not too late for you to plan a valentine vacation or honeymoon in a romantic country in the world mentioned above. Be sure to enjoy the holiday moments together and set your couple goals that you have dreamed of. See also how to order cheap hotels article so that your vacation can be more efficient. Cheap flights to your dream countries can be purchased at