Romantic Bandung

Well, there’s always gonna be a romantic and memorable story every time we visit Bandung. Located 300 km south of our capital city, this town will definitely make you fall in love with its beauty. From the culinary journey, the shopping center on every corner, into the breezy tourist attraction spots.
Bandung is a really fun getaway place. It’s the place for you to escape from your dull routines, the polluted capital city, and your frustrations.

So, what are you going to do in Bandung?


Street Art and Fashion Heaven

It’s called “Paris van Java”, of course it’s filled with art and fashion that you can only find in Bandung. Every step you take is a feast for your eyes. In addition, for you, fashion lovers, Bandung has got the best ideas and innovation that you couldn’t even imagine.

Relax in the Pine Forest and Hills

Do you want to just sit back and relax? Visit Hutan Rakyat Park, or go to The Lodge Dago. You can find a peaceful pine forest and a breezy hill.

Have a cup of coffee with your friends and family. The place is calm and quite, definitely relaxing!

Learn Angklung With Mang Udjo

When visiting Bandung, don’t forget to learn about the culture. You have to check out Saung Mang Udjo. Here, you can learn to play angklung from the experts. You can also get new experience and meet new people. Or maybe, you can meet your soulmate.

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