7 Reasons Why You Should Vote, Before Going on Vacation

Hi t-mates! Of course, you already know if on April 17, 2019, there will be a Presidential and Legislative Elections, right? It is certainly a historic moment to come back to enliven the democratic party in Indonesia. Yep, right on this Wednesday, all Indonesian people will take part in the 2019 simultaneous General Election. So, do you have a choice of who the presidential and vice presidential candidates are you going to vote later? Don’t do abstentions, because your vote determines the fate of Indonesia for the next 5 years. The election which is indeed designated as a national holiday, this year is close to other holidays, t-mate. Among the t-mate must have taken leave and are ready for a long vacation right?

Reasons You Have to Vote, Before Going for Vacation

Coinciding with a long holiday, there must be a lot of t-mates who have planned a vacation together with family and loved ones. However, before the holidays, you are very obliged to participate in voting for your vote in the 2019 Election. As good citizens, choosing the fate of the nation is our right, so don’t abstentions and let your ballot paper be misused. Still in doubt? If so, you have to know about 7 reasons why you should vote, before going on vacation.

1. Voting Rights

Voting in elections is a right as a good citizen, you know. So, if you care about the fate of the nation, you will definitely not hesitate to do vote in this Presidential Election. It could be your vacation is not fun, because you keep thinking about the Presidential Election that you ignored. Cause you choose to be abstentions.

2. Abstentions Aren’t Cool at All

t-mate do you agree, if the abstention isn’t cool? Especially for young Indonesians, your voice is needed for the fate of our nation for the next 5 years. Also, invite your friends who already have voting rights to take part in this 2019 Presidential Election. Besides being able to feel the euphoria, you can also show off your blue ink and share it on your social media!

3. 5 Minutes for 5 Years

With the time you need for 5 minutes to elect the President and Legislative Member, it can actually have an impact over the next 5 years, t-mate. Come on, get to know and find out the candidate, and vote the candidates that you choose. 5 minutes for a better 5 years, so make sure you’ve checked before leaving for vacation, t-mates!

4. Learning to be Responsible

Getting voting rights is the responsibility given to us. As a form of responsibility, of course, we have to cast our votes on this simultaneous 2019 Presidential Election. So, before going on holiday and have fun with your loved ones, let’s finish it, which is our responsibility, t-mate.

5. Complicated Requirements

Well, this point is often an obstacle for you who are outside the domicile, whether for vacation or work. You need to do a series of procedures to be able to get the opportunity to give your voting rights at the Voting Spots of the city or country that you are visiting. So, instead of having to go back and forth to take care of the requirements, it’s better to vote in your domicile, right? Hehe.

6. National Holidays for Voting, Not for Vacation

Well, this is what you have to understand, t-mate. National holidays set by the government have a function to give your voting rights at a voting spot, not for vacation. So, make sure you have exercised your rights first before leaving for vacation later.

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The reason for this is definitely the most eagerly awaited, right? Because, there will be lots of promos that you can enjoy, using blue ink proof because you have already voted in this 2019 election.

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Despite Different Options, Holidays Can Still Work

This 2019 simultaneous election does coincide with the day off which can be a long holiday, t-mate. So, after you give your voting rights, you can go on a vacation with family, friends, or anyone! Whatever your holiday destination, don’t forget to entrust tiket.com as an online travel agent for purchasing tickets online. Anyway, don’t forget to vote before going for holiday, t-mate!

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