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⚡ Reasons Why You Must Go to Jakarta, Your Lost if You Don’t

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia is indeed a very dense city and identical to what it is called traffic jam. That is one strong reason why many people are less interested in traveling to this big city.

Tourists are more interested in vacations to cities around them such as Bogor and Bandung. But in fact, if you don’t go to Jakarta this year, you will experience a huge loss. But, how come?

What’s in Jakarta?

Long holiday? Where should you go? Go to Jakarta, is the best answer. Don’t be confused. This time tiket.com will give you an important leak why you should go to Jakarta. Are you ready for the answer? Without further ado, let’s go find out the reasons!

1. Jakarta Has Delicious Dishes

Lots of people from various regions in Indonesia come to Jakarta. Many of them also bring recipes for typical dishes from their respective regions. Therefore you don’t need to worry because you can taste the food of the archipelago in this city only.

Starting from the ones that being served in fancy restaurants to those that are on stalls roadside, there are lots of new menus that you can try every day. You can try Coto Makassar, Pempek Palembang, Rendang, and many others.

2. Jakarta Could Tell You History

For decades, Jakarta has become the center of civilization and also the capital city of Indonesia. Of course there is a historical story behind all that is very interesting to look at in this increasingly modern era.

Some of the museums in Jakarta that you can visit include the Museum Taman Prasasti, Museum Minyak dan Gas Bumi, Museum Prangko Indonesia, Museum Nasional Indonesia, and many more.

3. Jakarta Offers Ease of Transportation

Jakarta has many types of public transportation that can be relied on to get around the city. If in another city you have to rent a car to be able to visit many places, here you are provided with many convenient and inexpensive transportation options.

For example, you can ride the Transjakarta bus, Electric Rail Train or KRL, and the newest one you can try in 2019 is the MRT. You can go to every corner of Jakarta using these transportations.

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OTW Pricelist Jakarta

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