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5 Reasons Why Do People Say OTW, Which One Describes You?

OTW Promo Strikes Again – Hi friends, do you still remember the funny meaning about OTW on our previous article? If yes, which one describes you or your friends the most?

This time, is coming again to discuss about OTW with you, but with a different topic, of course. Wow, is it a sequel? Yes, obviously!

Yep, we will discuss about an interesting topic, that is The Reason Why People Say OTW. Yes, friends, saying OTW is also having a reason behind it. So, you just want to discuss it immediately? Are you really curious? Alright, let’s discuss about The Reasons Why People Say OTW.

5 Reasons Why People Say OTW

1. You Say OTW Because Your Friends Already Calling You

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Who among you say “on the way” or OTW, but in fact, you still at home? This often happens especially for women, what else if not about doll up or choose the right clothes? You said OTW, even though you’re still in front of the mirror and trying to paint your eyebrows. Of course, you need more time to solve your problem with the eyebrows!

Because your friends already calling you continuously, but you still not come yet, so you decide to say you already OTW. How? Do you agree with this first reason?

2. OTW But You Just Wake Up?

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This one is super-annoying reason. When your friends asked where are you, and you answer “I’m OTW” but actually you forgot your appointment and you just wake up! Because you fear of being scolded by your friends, so you decided to lie by saying ‘wait a moment, I’m OTW’ as your rescue action.

Do you have a friend like this? Or perhaps it is you yourself that ever used this reason to save yourself from your friends’ scolding?

3. OTW to Avoid a Serious Chat

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This reason for saying OTW is also annoying. Say you want OTW just to avoid serious conversations? But it can also be a good idea tho, when there are friends, family, or neighbors who are talking about serious stuff but boring. You just have to say you want OTW just to finish the chat.

We know this reason can be a beneficial thing for you, especially when the topic leads to discuss about your love life or even your job.

“So, when are you getting married? Who are the candidates?”

“Where do you work now? Snob, you never gather with us again. How much your salary in there?”

If you have faced these questions, it’s better for you to answer it with this words.

“Uh, I must OTW. I have an appointment with my client. ”

Isn’t it cool, friends?

4. OTW to Avoid Awkward Moment

Hmm, we bet you never want this reason happens to you, right? Yes, no one wants to face the awkward moment when you don’t know what you want to discuss to break the awkwardness.

Usually, this happens if we accidentally meet a friend who is not very familiar with us at the random event. This moment certainly makes you feel awry, right? You want to start the convo, but you confused what topic that you want to discuss about because you are not used to chatting with them. So, the reason “Sorry, bro. I forgot I have to pick up my friend, I am OTW,” is the right reason to avoid awkward moments like that.

Have you ever run into these strange moments?

5. OTW to Invite Your Friends to Vacation

This is the most favorite reason why people say OTW! How come? OTW to invite friends to go on vacation, isn’t it interesting? But how come, invite friends to vacation? Yes, you can, because Online Tiket Week Promo is here again for all of you. This time, the GLEDEK will be harder.

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