Be Prepare! tiket.com will give you Ramadan Special Offers in This Ramadan Month

Hi, t-mate! Ramadan will come soon. What have you prepared to welcome this holy month? Ramadan is indeed the most anticipated and missed moment for Muslims around the world. Besides being only come once a year, it’s also because of the moment of togetherness with the family that feels so warm.

You agree, right, if the Ramadan is indeed a very appropriate time to gather with a large family for Sahur and Break-fasting together?

THR from tiket.com in The Month of Ramadan

Well, for t-mates who have to be separated from family for one or another reason, of course, the moment to be able to carry out fasting with your beloved family is very missed, right? No need to worry, t-mate. You can meet them as soon as possible with tiket.com!

Because tiket.com has a surprise for you in this month of Ramadan! Well, you definitely can’t wait, and want to know what surprise will be given by tiket.com, right? THR, yup that’s right! There will be THR for you from tiket.com in the month of Ramadan. So, you better get ready to get this promo!

What is THR from tiket.com?

In addition to the Tunjangan Hari Raya or Eid Holidays Allowance that is guaranteed can make you smile broadly, this THR from tiket.com can really make your smile won’t disappear from your cheek!

That’s right, it’s because, in this month of Ramadan, tiket.com also wants to give you THR who can make your Eid Holidays feels more fun.

So, what the THR from tiket.com is? THR that will be given by tiket.com is a Ramadan Special Offers that can make you meet and have a fun holiday with your extended family during Ramadan and Eid Fitr later! How? Is it cool, or super cool?

So, you must be prepared to welcome the THR that will be distributed by tiket.com in this Ramadan Month. Remember, don’t miss it! Because you’ll definitely regret it because you can’t get THR that can make your Eid holiday feels more fun with your family!

When Will The THR Promo Begin?

To celebrate Ramadan and Eid of course it’s really fun to gather with family right? Come on, join the THR promo on tiket.com which you can get from this May 6th, 2019.

So, what the promo is? Well, there will be discount up to 1 Million Rupiah for flight and hotels ticket just for you, t-mates! Eits, but you can only use this promo through the tiket.com Mobile Apps.

Also, find out When You Can Get THR ( Ramadan Special Offers) promos at tiket.com.

So, make sure you have installed the tiket.com Mobile Apps on your smartphone. Hasn’t installed it? Hurry up, download tiket.com Mobile Apps on the App Store or Google Play from your smartphone, because it’s free! Alright, don’t miss this promo, t-mate!