Cara Pesan Tiket Pesawat Promo THR


3 Easy Steps to Order Flight Tickets Using THR Promo from

Hi t-mates! Of course, you already know, right? That has a THR Promo that will be shared for all t-mates? So, what do you think? You must be super excited with this promo, right? So, with this promo, you can go for homecoming and gather with your family during Eid.

Well, for those of you who already know about this promo, and wonder how to order the flight tickets with THR Promo, relax! We will discuss a simple way to use the THR promo so you can get the discount up to Idr 1 Million!

How to Order Flight Tickets with THR Promo from

There are 3 easy ways to use this THR promo, t-mate. You don’t need to queue long enough to be able to feel this exciting promo. So, do you wanna know how to get it? The following is complete information for all of you to get this THR Promo.

1. Install the Application

The first step that you really need to do is to download and install the application on your smartphone. Why must download and install it? Because the THR or Ramadan Special Offers Promo is only valid for bookings via the mobile app.

So, if you haven’t installed the application, let’s install it from now on so you don’t miss this exciting promo! Have you installed the application? Then all you have to do is periodically check the promo page on mobile app!

2. Check the Promo Page on Mobile App

After installing the application on your smartphone, it’s time to check the promo page. Look for the THR Promo to get a promo code. Later, you can use this promo code during the checkout process for payment.

Remember, this promo code can only be used once a day for one account that you have. Don’t forget to read the terms & conditions that apply.

3. Select Your Flight Schedule

After installing and checking the promo code, it’s time for you to select the flight schedule that you want, t-mate.

This flight period is free and is valid for domestic and international flights. So, for those of you who want to take Lebaran holidays or travel abroad, you can really use the promo code to get discounts of up to 1 million!

Frugal Flights with THR Promo!

Don’t miss out on this Ramadan Special Offer promo, if you wanna fly cheaply both domestically and internationally. You can get this promo starting from May 6, 2019. So, get ready to get this THR Promo from!

Also, invite your friends to join and get this interesting promo from!