Planning a Trip to San Francisco? These are 5 Places You Can’t Miss!

Having any plan for a getaway to San Francisco in California, the United States of America? Or perhaps, you have bought the flight ticket to San Francisco in tiket.com to visit the so-called Uncle Sam country?

Those of you who wish to come to America Continent, don’t forget to prepare the essential documents such as to apply a passport or visa as the provision of travel.

Sobat tiket, of course you knew already that the city with the official name of City and County of San Francisco is one of the favorite destinations for travellers. Besides it’s directly faced to the San Francisco Bay, this city also has an International Airport of San Francisco which operated as the gate for travellers to America.

Surely, most of sobat tiket have a desire to visit San Francisco. However, before packing your bags, you have to know some of the places or tour destinations in San Francisco that are favoured by the tourists. If you haven’t done your check list, here we’ve covered for you, sobat tiket!

5 Popular Tourist Attractions in San Francisco

For you who are going to San Francisco, below are the 5 famous locale in San Francisco to include in your must-visit places.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Liburan ke San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge
Who doesn’t know the icon of San Francisco anyway? Yes, this Golden Gate Bridge becomes one of the top tourist spots in San Francisco that you cannot miss. The bridge spans above the San Francisco Strait and will serve you a stunning view, especially at night.

2. Golden Gate Park
Aside from Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is also well-known for its largest garden, Golden Gate Park. Not only you will enjoy the nature of garden and beautiful flowers, but you can also visit De Young Art Museum or California Academy of Science. Enrich some knowledge is fun!

3. Alcatraz

Liburan ke San Francisco - Alcatraz
There may be some of you who are afraid to visit Alcatraz Prison which is located in San Francisco Bay. However, go to see Alcatraz Prison will actually give you an unforgettable moment. You won’t believe it but truthfully there are lots of tourists who are interested to come and see this prison which has been officially closed. So, are you in?

4. Fisherman’s Wharf
Are you fascinated in the lives of fishermen and want to know the fishing village while travelling to San Francisco? For you who are also a big fan of seafood, this destination might be the best option for you. In the fishing village, there are tons of marine products that you can find, one of which is the very famous San Francisco crab! Curious?

5. Twin Peaks San Francisco

Liburan di San Francisco - Twin Peaks
San Francisco welcomes you with its hills, where you can enjoy the astonishing scenery in this California area. Twin Peaks is two highest hills in this city, a challenging place with rocky paths for sobat tiket who love hiking. Dare to try?

There you are! Now that you have the list of top destinations to visit in San Francisco when you travel to America, it’s the time to secure a flight seat to San Francisco in tiket.com. Make your dream happen to wander the beautiful San Francisco in California. Let’s go, sobat tiket!