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7 Place to Celebrate Valentine in Jakarta, Make Sure You Come Here!

Place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta – Valentine’s Day is always celebrated with a celebration with a loved one. Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are items that must be present in each of these moments.

Although Valentines Day can be celebrated every day, February 14 is always a more special moment. Not rarely many of us make this moment as a moment to show and express affection.

Place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta, 7 of these places can be your reference

Talking about Valentine, do you have plans yet to celebrate it? This moment is indeed not required to be celebrated. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to make Valentine’s Day a special day that you will spend with your partner, or parents.

Here is a place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta, which can be a reference for you, if you want to carry out romantic moments for couples and families.

  1. Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge

The first place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta is Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge. Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge is located at Ayana Midplaza, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Sudirman, Central Jakarta. Celebrating Valentine in this place can bring you to an atmosphere like in Bali. The concept of this dining place has an interesting touch on the exterior.

Tempat Merayakan Valentine di Jakarta - Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge1

In this place, you will get a romantic atmosphere with a view of high buildings and attractive small artificial rivers. Anyway, this place is suitable to be used as a place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta.

  1. Jakarta Neo Neo Soho Aquarium

This place for celebrating Valentine in Jakarta is more suitable for young couples. Do you want to surprise your partner, with a different atmosphere? You can make this Neo Soho Jakarta Aquarium as your mainstay.

Tempat Merayakan Valentine di Jakarta - Jakarta Aquarium Neo Soho

Besides being able to see the variety of marine animals from the aquarium, the atmosphere here can indeed create a romantic feel. If you want to express love or propose your partner on this special day, it can be really good!

  1. Segarra Ancol

Do you want a romantic dinner with a beach view? Come to Seggara Beach Ancol. Besides being able to provide an unusual view, you can certainly make the atmosphere even more romantic. The moment of love that you dedicate to your spouse or parents is even more impressive.

Tempat Merayakan Valentine di Jakarta - Segarra Ancol

This place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta is also suitable for enjoying the beauty of the sunset. It could be super romantic, right? Curious by the atmosphere? Just come directly to Ancol Jaya Dream Park, Karnaval Beach – Ancol Bay City, Pademangan, North Jakarta.

  1. Tugu Kuntskring Paleis

Tugu Kuntskring Paleis is suitable for you who are looking for a place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta with a fine dining theme. This dining place is a classic European-style restaurant with a blend of European and Javanese ornaments. This restaurant is guaranteed to provide a romantic atmosphere and is different from the others.

Tempat Merayakan Valentine di Jakarta - Tugu Kuntskring Paleis2
Source: https://www.tuguhotels.com/restaurants/jakarta/kunstkring

You can go to Jl. Teuku Umar No.1, RT.1 / RW.1, Gondangdia, Menteng, Central Jakarta, to be able to feel the romantic moment on Valentine’s Day later.

  1. Mangrove Nature Park

Looking for references place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta that is economical budget? You can go to Mangrove Nature Park in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Here, you can invite your partner to relax while enjoying the shady atmosphere. To get a romantic moment, rowing a boat around a lake in the Mangrove Nature Park can be an option you take.

Tempat Merayakan Valentine di Jakarta - Hutan Mangrove
Source: http://www.jakartamangrove.id/

There are also many beautiful spots to take pictures and enjoy the moment together. You can also feel other excitement in this place. Explore the mangrove forest area and capture the moment through photos.

  1. La Vue

The rooftop can always be a mainstay to get a romantic moment. If you have never invited your partner to a place like this, the moment of Valentine day can be the right moment. La Vue is one of the recommended places to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta.

Tempat Merayakan Valentine di Jakarta - La Vue
Source: http://www.hermitagejakarta.com/dining

You can directly come to The Hermitage Hotel on Jl. Cilacap No. 1, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Through rooftop La Vue, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic view in the middle of your dinner time. How? Quite interesting, right?

  1. Old town

For you who lives in the vicinity of Jakarta, you can also choose the Old City as a place to celebrate Valentine together with a partner. You can spend time walking around the Old City, exploring the museum, taking photos, and having a romantic dinner at Cafe Batavia.

Tempat Merayakan Valentine di Jakarta - Kota Tua

Who says celebrating valentine’s moments must be expensive? If with something simple you can make them happy, why not?

Already know yet, where do you want to invite your partner or parents? Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not mandatory, buddy. However, for those of you who want to provide a special treat for people you care about, why not.

The place to celebrate Valentine in Jakarta could be your reference to get a romantic atmosphere. Don’t forget to continue to show your affection to the people you love. Want a different atmosphere on Valentine’s Day later? You can visit 8 Romantic Countries in the World for Valentine’s Day Holidays. Wherever the vacation is, trust tiket.com to order cheap tickets online.