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5 Most Popular and Mouthwatering Padang Traditional Cuisine

Padang Traditional Cuisine – Indonesia is famous for its variety of specialty foods that are rich in spices. From Sabang to Merauke, you can find a variety of unique foods that vary with their respective characteristics.

For example when you are in Padang, you’ll definitely go with its local food, right? So, what is your favorite Padang’s traditional cuisine, t-mate?

Most Popular Padang Traditional Cuisine

You can find Padang traditional cuisine everywhere. In fact, in Jakarta there are a lot of Padang restaurants that you can visit, ranging from expensive restaurants to roadside restaurants.

When in Padang, there’s nothing wrong if you want to taste the Padang traditional cuisine of this city because the taste might be slightly different. Here is a list of typical Padang fare that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Padang!

1. Satay Padang

Satay Padang is one of Padang traditional cuisine that you must try while in the city. Satay Padang is different from satay in general, which is made from chicken or lamb.

Padang Traditional Cuisine - Satay Padang

Rather, it is made from beef, tongue, and innards combined with thick and spicy sauce. In fact, this satay also has 3 different variants.

Satay Padang with yellow sauce is a satay originally from Padang Panjang, red-colored broth from Padang Pariaman, and brownish gravy satay from Padang City.

Which one is your favorite sauce of Satay Padang, t-mate?

2. Dendeng Balado

Still with a processed beef menu, we guarantee you’ll really like this most popular Padang food menu! Dendeng Balado is beef that is fried with stew broth spices and distinctive spices which are then combined with chili.

The chili which is used as a menu of Dendeng Balado is red chili which is roughly coarse. Eat Dendeng Balado with hot rice and warm tea? You’ll never feel enough!

3. Rendang

Who doesn’t know Rendang? Food made from processed beef, thick coconut milk sauce, chili, and Padang’s specialty spices are the most delicious food in the CNN version. Can you imagine how tasty?! Indonesian people should be proud of this recognition!

Makanan Khas Padang - Rendang

Although rendang has several versions and is also available in Medan, don’t forget to taste it directly in its hometown!

4. Spicy Sour Fish (Asam Padeh Fish)

Not only food with a processed beef menu. Padang also has special food derived from processed fish, namely Asam Padeh Fish. As the name implies, this type of food has a sour and spicy taste that comes from Kandis acid and chili. As for fish, this menu usually uses mackerel tuna.

5. Soto Padang

This menu is suitable for your breakfast or lunch menu. However, for t-mate who wanna eat it when it’s cold nights can be really good too! Have you ever tried the Soto Padang menu yet? Soto Padang certainly has a difference with other Soto.

Makanan Khas Padang - Soto Padang

In a bowl of Soto Padang, you will get toppings in the form of dry beef, lungs, cakes, and vermicelli. With the addition toppings of crackers, lime, tomatoes, and celery, it can really increase your appetite. Must try!

Culinary Tourism in Padang? What a Great Idea!

The most comfortable vehicle to go to Padang is, of course, using an airplane. Moreover, if you order a flight ticket to Padang online at, certainly you’ll get an easier, faster and safer transaction! After tasting the typical Padang food menu, you can also try and enjoy Manado Food that Will Make Your Tummy Cry for More