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New Year’s Holiday Tips, Things You Must Do Before Holiday

New Year’s Holiday Tips – Who among you who have planned to celebrate new year’s holiday? So, where is your plan to go on holiday next year? Is it out of town, abroad, or just in the city? Wherever and with whom you celebrate the new year’s holiday, there are more important things for you to prepare.

That’s right, there are tips from new year’s holidays that you can prepare from now on. In fact, this is important for you to prepare so that your new year’s holiday becomes more structured and you can enjoy it.

Already have a plan, but you still don’t know where you want to start from? No need to worry, you can follow new year’s holiday tips. Can’t wait any longer? Let’s move to the list!

New Year’s Holiday Tips, This Is What You Need To Prepare Before Holiday

  1. Arrange the Holiday Plan

The first tips for new year’s holiday, you can start from your vacation plan first. It’s as simple as determining the holiday time, the time period for staying at a holiday spot, and with whom you will realize this holiday.

After that, don’t forget to prepare a special book for those of you who want to get in touch with your holiday plan later. Planning a holiday carefully can make you enjoy more when you go on holiday. After fixing the date and spending holiday time, you can move to the next end year vacation tips.

  1. Determine Holiday Destinations

You already set the date, already know which whom you want to go for the holiday, that means you are ready to do anything for a vacation. Whether you go on vacation with your family or with friends, you can choose a new tourist spot or one you’ve never visited before. The experience of exploring a new place is more fun, isn’t it?

For you who choose to go to the city, there are many interesting and certainly charming holiday destinations in Indonesia. So, you don’t need to be confused to determine the destination of the city, you can discuss with your family or friends. Make a choice, whether you and your holiday partner want to get a beach or mountain atmosphere. After that, you can find out which city is the most interesting to be your year-end holiday destination.

For those of you who want to go abroad, you can choose a country that has a different season with Indonesia. Like enjoying winter in Europe for example. If your budget is not enough, you can also choose another country that fits your budget. The Best Fireworks in the World could be your references to go.

  1. Determine the Vacation Budget

Tips for this year-end vacation are indeed the most crucial. Talking about budgets, of course, you prefer to be a budget vacation, right? After checking up your bank account, it turns out you just afford a simple vacation? It’s not a big deal! Whatever budget you have can still realize the year-end vacation plan anyway.

Liburan Akhir Tahun - Tentukan Budget

The trick, you make a list costs that must be required for you to spend. Such as plane tickets or train tickets, hotels, transportation to tourist attractions, until the budget for meals. Vacation with friends, it is better to realize a budget-saving holiday compared to traveling solos. Because, you can share several aspects with your friends, such as food and lodging costs. So, it’s more exciting, isn’t it?

If it’s already clear about the budget, everything has been approved, it’s time to move to the next year-end vacation tips!

  1. Monitoring Ticket Prices

Yup, you can’t miss this year-end vacation tips, of course. Especially if you want to vacation with a low budget, monitoring ticket prices are your next obligation that cannot be underestimated. Monitoring ticket prices at can bring you to luck, you know? Yes, because there are many promos that you can get on, ranging from airplane tickets, train tickets, to hotels.

That way, you can immediately realize your vacation with your loved ones. Don’t forget to install the application on the Play Store and the App Store to be able to keep updating on cheap ticket prices that can take you to new year’s holiday.

  1. Arrange the Itinerary

All your plans have been completed, the date of the trip is already specified, the destination is clear, the budget is appropriate, the plane, train and hotel tickets have been monitored on to get the best promo. Well, this is the time for you to move to the final year-end vacation tips, which is starting to arrange your itinerary while on vacation.

Liburan Akhir Tahun - Susun Itinerary

Yup, this is really important, definitely. Because you can be more efficient in terms of time and budget. By arranging an itinerary, you can use your limited time to the maximum extent possible. Obviously, because you have already determined where you will go while in the city or country destination you choose.

Making an itinerary arrangement can also save your budget because you can find out the estimated costs that you will spend later. For example, like when you want to go to a particular tourist spot, you can find estimates of transportation costs and entrance tickets. So it’s easier for you, right?

  1. It’s time to enjoy a vacation

Liburan Akhir Tahun - Saatnya Menikmati Liburan

This is the most eagerly awaited. You have followed all the tips for year-end holidays from and all your vacation plans have been arranged neatly. Then it’s time to wait for the departure date. You can book flight tickets at to take you flying to tourist attractions in the city and country you want.

Finished with all the year-end holiday preparations, it’s time to enjoy the holiday! So, you can prepare a new year resolution with a more fresh mind. Happy holidays!