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National Holidays, Find the Recommendation Place to Go Holiday

National Holidays – National holidays are indeed the most awaited moment for anyone. Because, during this national holidays, it can be used to go on vacation with loved ones. Every year, Indonesia has approximately 15 times a national holidays which can also be used as a long holiday. Moreover, if there are clamp days that can make the vacation longer.

In the article below, there are recommendations for tourist destinations for you who want to spend national holidays later as a moment for vacation. Do you want to know, where are the cool places to go on vacation when national holidays arrive? Here is the complete list of destinations for you.

National Holidays, There are Many Reasons To Go On Vacation

Want a vacation out of town or even out of the country, everything depends on your choice. In addition to calculating the budget, of course there are several other considerations before you determine your vacation destination later. Well, if you are still not really sure where to go next national holidays, you shall read on national holidays below!

  1. New Years Day

The New Year falls on January 1, 2019, the moment of this national holidays is really fitting to be a moment of a long vacation with family. You can choose a new holiday destination with a longer duration.


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Enjoying the new year’s turnover with family, some countries like Dubai, New York, London, Bangkok, Singapore, can be a fun vacation destination. Because these countries have the most interesting fireworks celebrations in the world.

  1. Chinese New Year

The second national holidays is Chinese New Year. This holiday designated as a national holidays on February 5, 2019, is a New Year celebrated by ethnic Chinese throughout the world. Chinese New Year celebrations are usually a place for gathering and eating with family.

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However, for you who want to feel the holidays during Chinese New Year celebrations, you can choose tourist destinations like Hong Kong, Taiwan or Indonesia. Chinese New Year celebrations in these countries run lively, every year.

  1. Bali’s Day of Silence and Hindu New Year

Nyepi is a Hindu holiday held every Saka New Year. Unlike the other New Year celebrations that take place lively, then Nyepi Day requires people who celebrate to be alone for self-reflection. One of the cities in Indonesia with the largest Hindu adherents is in Bali. So, it’s no wonder that Bali will feel lonely and quiet on Nyepi Day because all activities are stopped.

For you who intend to go to Bali on this national holidays date, it seems like you have to change the direction. Because all activities including airports and other public services will be temporarily closed. Maybe going to Lombok or Bangka Belitung can be another destination for those of you who want a vacation with a beach atmosphere.

  1. Isra Mi’raj

The Isra Mi’raj which falls on April 3, 2019, is a day commonly used to gather with family. At this moment, you can take advantage of going on vacation to Yogyakarta and exploring the beauty of cultural heritage in this city.

Take left on the 4th and 5th April 2019 you can take advantage of to get a long vacation until Sunday.

  1. Good Friday

The Good Friday Celebration is the anniversary of the Death of Jesus Christ which usually falls on Friday before Easter Sunday. In 2019, the Good Friday celebration falls on Friday, April 19, 2019. So it’s a day of clamping, you can use April 18 to take leave. Going to a spiritual tourist destination is perfect to fill this holiday, like to Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

  1. Labor Day

May 1st is designated as Labor Day, so it’s certain that the big cities in Indonesia will be busy by demos. Surely there will be bottlenecks at some points that make you lazy to go wherever. What if you benefit from this national holidays by going out of town with your family? You can take advantage of 2 days off to get a long holiday.

  1. Vesak Day

Visakha is a Buddhist holiday to celebrate three important events that took place on Vesak day. This is known as Vesak Traditions, where the event of birth-enlightenment-death occurs at one time. Usually, Buddhists will go to the monastery to perform the puja-bhakti ritual.

Although this holiday falls on Sunday, May 19, 2019, you can still enjoy the holiday. You can walk to the area around DKI Jakarta like the Old City in the afternoon.

  1. Ascension Day of Jesus

The ascension of Jesus Christ is an event that took place after 40 days of Jesus’ Resurrection. This event is usually done by attending Mass in the Church. To make your vacation even more memorable, you can apply for leave 1 day before and 1 day after the red date.

You can feel a long vacation and make use of it by going out of town, buddy. For example, like the Cave of Maria Valley Carmel in Lembang Bandung, or to the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Bantul, Yogyakarta. It’s really exciting, right?

  1. Pancasila’s Birthday

June 1st is the date on which the Pancasila Birthday is set, and since 2016 this date has been made as a national holidays. Unfortunately, this year’s national holidays of the Pancasila Birth falls on Saturday. So, you can’t get a chance for a long holiday, buddy.

However, you can still use it by taking a walk to the Museum in the area where you live. Historical tourism is an attractive choice too right?

  1. Eid Al-Fitr

National holidays Eid al-Fitr is the right moment to gather with a large family. Usually, for those of you who have a hometown, they will make the Eid moment as a moment to return home and be in touch with relatives. This year, Eid Al-Fitr is set for 4-5 June 2019.

If you don’t have a hometown, you can really use this long vacation as a moment to go on vacation with family. Maybe Malang can be a choice of tourist attractions for families that are suitable to fill the Lebaran holiday later.

  1. Eid Al-Adha

Eid al-Adha or a big day for Muslims to sacrifice or go on Hajj. This year, Eid al-Adha falls on August 12, 2019, which is Monday. Besides being used to stay in touch, you can also make this national holidays a long holiday to go on vacation with family.

  1. Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day

August 17, 2019, becomes a national holidays to commemorate the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence. Even though the Independence Day of the year falls on Saturdays, of course, you can enjoy your vacation in a fun way, buddy.

In addition to holding a race tradition, you can also visit the museums around your residence as a form of commemorating the struggle of Heroes in the age of struggle.

  1. Islamic New Year

You can’t enjoy Hiriyah’s New Year in 2019 as a long holiday, buddy. But you can still take advantage of this Hijri New Year holiday with religious tourism. Like visiting the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta together with family. While worshiping, you can also enjoy the beauty of architecture from this largest mosque in Asia.

  1. Birthday of the Prophet SAW

The birthday of the Prophet SAW is the day that commemorates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad which was designated as national holidays. In Indonesia, the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet will usually be held interesting events that are different in each region.

If you want to get a feel for the different celebrations, you might as well holiday to Banten to witness the celebration of the interesting Panjang Mulud.

  1. Christmas Day

Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25th and is a moment to get a chance for a long holiday. For this year’s Christmas holidays, you can plan holidays with families to countries such as Germany and Finland. In both countries, the Christmas celebration always feels luxurious and memorable.

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Coinciding with winter, making countries this season a memorable Christmas holiday destination.

There are a number of recommendations for vacation spots at the moment of the 2019 national holidays. You can rely on buying cheap airplane tickets on to be able to go to that country or city. Towards a Chinese New Year, read the Country Recommendations for Celebrating Imlek 2019.