Most Popular Japanese Snacks

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5 Most Popular Japanese Snacks, You Must Try This When in Japan!

Most Popular Japanese Snacks – Talking about Japan, of course there are many things that are unique and you can try. Ranging from famous tours to delicious foods. When you go to Japan, you certainly can’t wait, to visit every point of this famous city of Sakura, right?

This Sakura Country in East Asia does have a charm that makes us want to visit there. Ranging from culture, technology, to culinary, many things make us want to set foot there.

Special Japanese culinary tours, it seems that it must be a mandatory thing to do if you really go to Japan. Yup, Japanese cuisine does have different tastes, especially about snacks. Well, if you have a plan to travel to Japan in the near future, it feels incomplete if you haven’t tried some of the most popular Japanese snacks.

Most Popular Japanese Snacks You Must Tasting


Mochi? It may sound so-so, but having to try Mochi directly in his home country is much different. A bit different from Mochi in Indonesia, Mochi in Japan is rounder and larger. For its own taste, it’s definitely different. Original Japanese Mochi has a different fragrance and softer texture.

Jajanan Khas Jepang - Mochi

Feel the soft glutinous rice dough pounded with patience, which just gets into your mouth will turn into a little chewy and rather sticky. Don’t forget to choose to taste this one-of-a-kind the most popular Japanese snacks.


This cake is definitely no strange to you who often watch Japanese cartoons. Yup, Japanese snacks called Dorayaki are indeed often seen in many Japanese cartoons, including Doraemon. This cake has a sweet taste. Of course, that is because this cake uses honey into the batter. No wonder so many children really like this chocolate cake.

Jajanan Khas Jepang - Dorayaki

In addition to using honey as a mixture of dough, this traditional Japanese cake also uses red peanut butter sandwiched between two pancake doughs.


How does it feel if the local sugar native to Japanese production is processed into candy? Wasanbon can be the answer. Wasanbon is a Japanese specialty candy that is processed using real Japanese sugar. Japanese original sugar reportedly does have a different taste from other sugars from outside Japan.

Jajanan Khas Jepang - Wasanbon

Therefore, it’s no wonder that Wasanbon also has a distinctive taste, which you can only find in Japan. You can also make this one-of-a-kind snacks in Japan as a souvenir.


Apparently, cherry blossoms are not only pleasing to the eye, but also delicious to be used as snacks. If you go to Japan, don’t forget to taste this most popular Japanese snacks. Yup, Sakuramochi is one type of traditional cake made using cherry blossoms as its basic ingredient.

Just like Mochi in general, Sakuramochi also uses sticky rice and has a soft but rather sticky texture. The only difference is the taste of red beans, and the leaves of cherry blossoms added in it.


Hanabiramochi literally means “cake made from flower petals”. As the name suggests, this one mochi does use a variety of flower petals as basic ingredients.

Jajanan Khas Jepang - Hanabira mochi

Not much different from mochi in general, Hanabiramochi has a soft but rather chewy texture. What’s different is, besides using flower petals, Hanabiramochi is also filled with green peanut butter. These cakes usually appear during new year celebrations in Japan.

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