Batu Malang Tourism


Most Popular Batu Malang Tourism to be Visited with Family

Batu Malang Tourism – Located at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level, Batu City has a cool climate and is very suitable as a place for vacation destinations. Then, the city located in East Java province is surrounded by mountains so you can not only breathe in the fresh air, but also the scenery that will spoil your eyes.

Batu Malang Tourism that You Must Visit

You don’t need to worry, because there are a lot of Batu Malang tourism that you can choose and are very very exciting for you to visit with family, friends, or partners. Some tourist attractions in this city are also very popular even among foreign tourists. Want to know what are the tourist attractions in Batu city? Check out the list below!

1. Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Malang Tourism

Batu Night Spectacular is a tourist attraction in Batu Malang that has many exciting attractions. If usually the playground in other places is open from morning to evening, then this place begs to differ. The Batu Night Spectacular or also popular with the nickname BNS is open at 3pm to midnight. So for those of you who still have a lot of energy to play at night, the BNS can be the perfect place.

Here you can enjoy seven main attractions which include fountains, lantern garden, air bikes, Flying Swinger rides, karts, Megamix, and night markets. Then after you are satisfied playing, to recharge your energy you can go to the food court that is available within the BNS area. There you can eat some special menus which are of course very tasty.

2. Alun – Alun Kota Wisata Batu

Batu Malang Tourism

Unlike other alun-alun in general, the Alun- Alun Kota Batu is not just a field and a park. But in this place there are various kinds of fun facilities for you. At least there are five interesting things that you can find here which include fountains, Ferris wheel, cute lanterns, children’s playgrounds, and culinary.

You can enter this alun-alun area without having to pay an entrance ticket. Even so, this place is not an ordinary place because it is very clean and the facilities is well maintained.

3. Eco Green Park

There is a tourist attraction in Batu Malang that allows you to get to know more about nature. The place is called Eco Green Park. Here you can find several rides with themes about environment. Some of the main attractions in the Eco Green Park include World of Parrot, Recycle, Reverse House, Eco Journey, Exotic White Peacock, Bird Show, and Water Outbound.

Apart from those already mentioned, this place still has many other rides that are also exciting. This place can be a very suitable place for you to bring your little one because they can play closer to the flora and fauna in Eco Green Park.

4. Batu Secret Zoo

Batu Malang Tourism

Batu Secret Zoo is located in the Jatim Park 2 area. In this zoo, you can have a closer look at some of the fauna that you might not find in other zoos. The collection is very large and comes from various regions of the world. All animals here are well maintained and are kept clean.

This Batu Malang tourist attraction has an area of approximately 14 hectares. Here you can get a closer look at a variety of animals originating from Asian tropical forests, African wilderness, and animals originating from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

5. Museum Angkut

Batu Malang Tourism

Museum Angkut is one of the tourist destinations in Batu Malang which is home to a collection of various forms of transportation, both traditional, modern and even replicas of rare vehicles. Of all the collections, you can learn about inventions related to transportation from the past.

The museum is divided into several zones which include the Jakarta zone, the American zone, the British zone, the French zone, the Italian zone, and the German zone. Interesting right? Here you can learn the history of transportation developments from time to time. Museum Angkut is the first transportation museum in Southeast Asia.

6. Indonesian Heritage Museum (Museum D’Topeng)

The Indonesian Heritage Museum, formerly called D’Topeng Museum, is also an interesting Batu Malang tourism. This museum is located approximately 20 kilometers to the northwest of the city of Malang. Here you can see a collection of thousands of relics, where each of these relics has its own history.

The items that are displayed at this museum come from various regions ranging from Sabang to Merauke. Some of the items you can see here include masks, traditional weapons, and other antique tools. This place can be the right place for you to learn and admire the rich history of the archipelago.

7. Batu Wonderland

Batu Malang Tourism

The Batu Wonderland is not as grand as other Batu Malang tourist attractions such as Batu Night Spectacular, for example. However, this place has its own charm that makes it always busy by visitors. Especially when weekends or holiday seasons, this place will be crowded by tourists from various regions.

Well, what makes this place interesting is the low ticket price. Not only that, the facilities available at Batu Wonderland are also very complete starting from swimming pools, playgrounds, shopping, cafes and restaurants, and many others. Here you can enjoy all these facilities to spend holidays with family.

8. Jatim Park

Batu Malang Tourism

Jawa Timur Park or more commonly known as Jatim Park is a family recreation area located in Batu City. Basically, Jatim Park is divided into three parts, namely Jatim Park 1, 2, and 3, which all offer exciting attractions. This Batu Malang tourist spot is a playground that is managed very well by the East Java Park Group.

You Can Have All the Fun in Batu City

If you visit Batu City with your family, especially for those of you who want to take your child, then the places mentioned above can be the right choice. Guaranteed all family members will not feel bored when it comes to Batu Malang tourist attractions. Plus, you can order cheap hotels near Batu recreation areas at to make your holiday more enjoyable.