Destinasi Kekinian di Surabaya


5 Modern Destinations in Surabaya, Vacation with More Enjoyable!

Modern Destinations in Surabaya – When you hear the modern destination word, what is on your mind? Surely, it won’t be far from a place that has many instagramable places right? Where each corner can provide interesting results when in the photo. Do you agree or not, with that perception?

It is undeniable, now there are so many places that provide instagenic spots. This is certainly in line with the increasing interest of tourists who are observed places, especially tourist attractions that can provide beautiful photos when photographed.

That way, you can make it as content on social media which of course attracts your followers’ interest. For that, not only a cafe or restaurant that provides modern places. But it’s the same as tourist destinations, such as the modern destinations in Surabaya that will discuss.

So, if you are in Surabaya, on vacation or business, you can stop by the following destinations in Surabaya.

Modern Destinations in Surabaya

When on vacation to Surabaya, the first thing that will be included in your itinerary is definitely the modern destinations in Surabaya, right? For that, will provide 5 recommendations for modern destinations in Surabaya specifically for you who want to go to Surabaya.

Surabaya North Quay

The modern destinations in Surabaya have indeed been opened since last 2016, but was temporarily closed and finally reopened to the public. For you who is in Surabaya, you must come to Surabaya North Quay (SNQ) if you want to enjoy the sea view at Tanjung Perak. You only need to go to the Surya Nusantara Gapura Terminal Building and go up to the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Destinasi Kekinian di Surabaya - Surabaya North Quay

On the 2nd floor, you can be shopping or enjoying an exhibition of works by artists. After shopping, you can go up to the 3rd floor to eat a wide variety of food menus, there are also Surabaya special menus that you can taste here.

While relaxing, you can see the beautiful scenery of Tanjung Perak Port, with the hatchling of the ships in the waters of Surabaya. You can also get a romantic atmosphere by watching the sunset and the evening sky combined with the lights of the ship.

Kampung Lawas Maspati

As the name implies, Kampung Lawas is indeed a village that has existed since the Dutch colonial era. When you enter the Kampung Lawas Maspati area, then you will see the original building that was still standing strong.

Destinasi Kekinian di Surabaya - Kampung Lawas Maspati

However, the attraction of Kampung Lawas Maspati is there are 3D paintings that will certainly look instagenic. Although this area is known for its old buildings, the locals make it a creative, educative, and friendly area of course.

You can stop by this modern destinations in Surabaya, while in Surabaya. Even though it’s only a footpath, you will see a different view from the alley in general.

Kenjeran Park

In the past, Kenjeran Beach was known as a slum and dirty beach tourism. However, as time went on, the Surabaya City Government changed Kenjeran Beach to become a decent and attractive tourist spot. In fact, the modern destinations in Surabaya is rumored to be the Universal Studio of Indonesia.

Destinasi Kekinian di Surabaya - Kenjeran Park

This Kenjeran Park Tourism is divided into two parts, you can feel the holiday in Surabaya like in Universal Studio at Atlantis Land Kenjeran Park. In addition to being able to enjoy the water playing arena available, you can also take pictures while walking around the beach using a boat that can be rented.

Sanggar Agung Temple

Aside from being a place to worship, the Sanggar Agung Temple is also used as a tourist spot. The temple that is located on the edge of the beach has a special attraction for tourists who come to Surabaya. Given the many tourists who are interested in visiting this temple, there is also a special lane for tourists, so as not to disturb Buddhist worship here.

Destinasi Kekinian di Surabaya - Klenteng Sanggar Agung1

There are so many beautiful spots that can make this Sanggar Agung Temple as a modern destination in Surabaya. You will find a statue of the Goddess Kwan Im with two large dragon sculptures that bring you to a beautiful beach view. You can also take pictures in this place.

Suroboyo Carnival Park

For you who miss the atmosphere of playing at the night market, you can feel it again when you are at Suroboyo Carnival Park. In this modern destinations in Surabaya, there are at least 50 exciting playgrounds. In fact, Suroboyo Carnival Park is not only for children. However, there are several areas that can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults.

Destinasi Kekinian di Surabaya - Suroboyo Carnaval Park2

At Suroboyo Carnival Park, you can’t only meet a variety of exciting games. But there are also outlets that sell food and drinks, fashion, accessories, and souvenirs that you can buy.

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