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8 Mouthwatering Manado Food that Will Make Your Tummy Cry for More

Manado Traditional Food – If you think that going to Manado is only about Bunaken National Park, you’ve heard it wrong. Apparently, not only as a city that has a variety of natural attractions, Manado is also known as a culinary paradise.

There are many choices of Manado traditional food that you have to try, and will make you wonder for more and more. So, don’t forget to stop by to try various Manado traditional food when you are in this city!

Here are 8 typical Manado food that you can’t skip when you’re there.

8 Tasteful Manado Traditional Food Menu

1. Tinutuan

Tinutuan or also known as Bubur Manado is Manado’s most popular food. This meal is made from porridge which mixed with green vegetables such as kale and pumpkin.

Manado Traditional food - Tinutuan Porridge

Tinutuan is the best if you eat it along with salted fish, chili sauce, and also crackers. Guaranteed, Tinutuan could be the most appetizing breakfast menu for you.

2. Chicken Woku Woku

Are you a spicy food lover? So, trying the Chicken Woku Woku menu is your right choice when you are in Manado since this menu consists of chicken cooked with various spices and chili which somehow can make your stomach feels hot, but also ask for second plate. Or probably three?

3. Klappertaart

Not only the main dish, but Manado also has the famous Klappertaart as a dessert. Surely most of you don’t know that Klappertaart is a Manado traditional food, correct? Yep, this is because you can find Klappertaart easily outside Manado. So, if you’ve tried a tasty Klappertaart in your city, imagine how delicious it is in Manado?


Manado Traditional food - Klappertaart

This tart made from coconut base is best to eat after you freeze it. Trust us, you will get addicted to it.

4. Sambal Roa

Besides being well-known for its skipjack, Manado is also famous for its spicy food menu. No wonder there are various choices of sambal from Manado, for instance Sambal Roa. Sambal roa is a typical Manado chili made from a mixture of chili and smoked flying fish.

Because these fish are difficult to find, no wonder that the price of Sambal Roa isn’t as cheap as other kind of sambal. Oh! You actually can try this chili sambal as a complementary menu to eat with Tinutuan Porridge.

5. Panada

Panada is a food that almost looks like a pastel. But in fact, these two foods are different types of food both in terms of ingredients and also filling. Pastel is made from pastry skin with vegetable fillings, meanwhile Panada is made from bread and has Cakalang stuffing.

Do you know what? Apparently, Panada is a cake originally come from Portugal. However, it is one of the most well-known snacks in Manado nowadays.

6. Goroho Banana

Goroho Banana is a unique food menu from Manado. This is because the banana served is a banana that is not yet ripe and still sour. However, this is where the uniqueness of the Goroho Banana is peeled in the shape of a fan and fried until crisp. You can also eat Goroho Banana with sambal roa or sambal dabu-dabu.

7. Cakalang Fufu

Cakalang is a type of fish that is commonly found in Manado waters. So, a lot of processed food from Cakalang fish is a menu of Manado traditional food that you can find in Manado.

Makanan Khas Manado - Cakalang Fufu

Cakalang Fufu is one of the foods that use Cakalang as its main ingredient. This food menu is Cakalang which is split into two parts which are then smoked with special spices. This one Cakalang menu can certainly be served with various variations, such as Cakalang Fufu sauce or Cakalang Fufu coconut milk.

8. Woku Fish

Besides Ayam Woku Woku, there is also Manado traditional food in the form of Woku. Actually, woku is a typical Manado spice that can be used as a complementary spice for some food menus. So, besides chicken, you can also find Woku seasoning on food menus such as fish and meat.

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