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8 Most Popular Malaysian Souvenirs You Can Buy

Vacation to Malaysia. Friends ask for some souvenirs. What to buy? Well, don’t be confused. We are here to help, if you want to find a reference for traditional Malaysian souvenirs that can be purchased besides a fridge magnet, then you are in the right place.

Going anywhere and bringing some souvenirs home seems to be unseparated. Whether you go for business, study, or even a vacation, surely you want to bring a little memory to home.

Malaysian Souvenirs and the Place to Buy Them

Souvenirs are actually not always given to other people like friends or people at home. You can also save it as a memento that reminds you of your visit to Malaysia.

Whatever the reason, it feels incomplete if you go home without carrying any Malaysian souvenir. So, what can you buy there? See the full list below.

1. Malaysian Songket

malaysian souvenirs

Malaysia is famous for songket clothing made of silk or cotton and woven with a special process using gold or silver threads. These clothes are traditional Malay clothes that you can use to attend formal events.

The place to buy Malaysian songket is in Central Market located in Kuala Lumpur. Besides that you can also buy it at the Kraftangan Complex in Kuala Lumpur or Langkawi.

2. Old Town White Coffee

Affordable Malaysian souvenirs that you can buy in large quantities are Old Town White Coffee. Just like other citizens, Malaysia is also very fond of coffee and even has one legendary coffee brand.

You can buy Old Town White Coffee in sachet packaging and easy to carry. The place to buy it is also not difficult to find. You can buy it at a convenience store or souvenirs shop in Malaysia.

3. Pewter Products

One of the largest pewter craftsmen in the world, among others, is Malaysia, or more precisely Royal Selangor, a pewter company which has been established since about 130 years ago. The founder came from China who moved to Malaysia.

The products made here are the best. For example, you can buy items such as glasses or cool chess boards made of pewter.

You can find Royal Selangor shops in Malaysia. At KLIA and KLIA2, there are also products from the company if you don’t have time to stop by the shop.

4. Tau Sar Piah

If you want to bring home snacks as Malaysian souvenirs, you can buy snacks called tau sar piah. Savory small snacks with green bean stuffing are perfect to accompany you to chat with friends.

Not only green beans, there are also other flavors such as kidney beans or pandanus. Shops that sell these foods are spread very much in Malaysia. But the oldest shop that has sold more than 100 years is in Penang, named Gee Hiang.

5. Malaysian Batik

One of the traditional Malaysian souvenirs that gets influence from Indonesia, especially from Java, is batik. This cloth is also a mainstay of choice for many foreign tourists who come to this country.

You can find lots of shops that sell Malaysian batik, ranging from those offering high quality to affordable ones in large quantities. In Penang, you can go to Campbell Street. If in KL you can go to Petaling Street to buy this batik.

6. Durian Snacks

Apart from Indonesia, durian is also a fruit that is very popular in Malaysia. There are lots of processed foods made from durian such as cakes, chocolate, and so on. You really have to try if you are fond of eating durian fruit.

You can find durian snacks that are widespread in supermarkets in Malaysia or local bakeries. One of the famous brands of chocolate that makes durian taste is the Beryl’s.

7. Handicrafts

If you are looking for unique items to be chosen as Malaysian souvenirs, then you can buy handicraft products. Generally these products are made of bamboo, rattan, coconut, and pandan leaves.

The shape is also very diverse, ranging from bags, baskets, purses, and other forms that can remind you of Malaysia. The place to buy is also very scattered. For example, you can go to the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur to buy it.

8. Malaysian Dodol

Even though in Indonesia there is also dodol, but this sweet and sticky snack is also a very popular Malaysian souvenir. There are two dodol variants here, which are springy and sticky, or hard and crunchy.

Variants of taste are very diverse, ranging from the taste of durian, pandanus, mango, pineapple, and so forth. If you want to buy this food, you can come to the souvenir shops in Kuala Lumpur or in Melaka.

Now that are the Malaysian souvenir beside fridge magnets that you can buy. Aren’t there many choices? No need to worry anymore because there are also many affordable souvenirs for you to share with all the closest people. Don’t forget to also stop by the tourist attractions in Penang. If you want to go to Malaysia, you can book cheap flight tickets via