Makassar Traditional Food


7 Most Delicious and Popular Makassar Traditional Food

Makassar Traditional Food – For those who want to vacation in Makassar, or maybe you are currently in the city, of course you should not miss the culinary tours. Because this city has many choices of typical foods that taste good and you have to try them.

Visiting the city of Makassar is incomplete if you haven’t tried some of its special dishes that can definitely make your tongue really happy! Then what foods should you try when visiting Makassar?

Makassar Traditional Food

The city of Makassar has so many attractiveness. Not only the beauty of the city, here you can get culinary tourism until you feel satisfied because of the many choices of tasty Makassar traditional food. After trying the following food, you definitely want to go back to Makassar.

Maybe you’ve been trying some of the menus mentioned below before in a restaurant near your home. But enjoying the typical food of an area in its place of origin can certainly add to the enjoyment of its food. Come on, let’s see the list right away!

1. Coto Makassar

Makassar Traditional Food

Let’s start with the obvious one, the first special culinary is the Coto Makassar. This food is very well known even throughout Indonesia. From the name, people would know that this is a Makassar traditional food.

Coto Makassar or also known as coto mangkasara is a food made using meat and also beef offal. The ingredient is boiled for a long time which is then mixed with other spices.

Usually, Coto Makassar is eaten accompanied by Burasa, a typical food that resembles lontong but is slightly flattened and cooked in a special way. Coto Makassar and Burasa can be the food choices for breakfast that will make your day.

2. Konro

Well, if you are a person who likes to eat ribs, then you must try this Makassar traditional food called Sop Konro. This food is served with very fragrant black soup when cooked and can make you hungry right away.

The strong taste  of the black soup appears because these foods are cooked using kluwek as is usually used for cooking rawon. You will definitely be addicted after tasting this one food.

Well, in Makassar, the konro is not only served with soup, but there is also a variety of grilled konro that are no less delicious and you really should try it.

3. Barongko

Makassar Traditional Food

This one food is made from mashed bananas then processed together with eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and salt. This Makassar traditional food is wrapped using banana leaves and then steamed.

Formerly, this food was used as a dessert by Bugis kings. Although the process seems simple, but the taste of Barongko is very tasty and you can really eat while relaxing in the afternoon in Makassar City.

4. Pisang Epe

Makassar Traditional Food

One of the most famous Makassar city icon you must visit is the Losari Beach. Well, if you are here, then there is an obligation for you to taste snacks called Pisang Epe.

Eating pisang epe while enjoying the view of the sunset at Losari Beach definitely enhances your vacation in Makassar and provides an unforgettable experience. In the afternoon you can find many of this Makassar traditional food sellers around the beach.

5. Mie Titi

Makassar Traditional Food

One of Makassar traditional foods that you should not miss is mie titi. This cuisine should be on the culinary list that you must taste when you are on vacation in this city. Mie titi are wet noodles that fried dry so they become crunchy.

Then the dried noodles are doused with a very tasty thick sauce that makes this tie noodle has a savory taste. You can also wrap this noodle and make it as a souvenir of Makassar, as long as you don’t forget to separate the sauce.

6. Sop Saudara

Makassar Traditional Food

Sop saudara is a Makassar traditional food that is also very delicious. This dish uses ingredients such as beef meats and offals such as the liver and lungs. In addition, sop saudara also uses other ingredients such as rice noodles and fried mashed potato.

Usually this special food is served along with grilled fish or boiled eggs. To increase the pleasure of sop saudara, you can add chili sauce because this dish is also delicious to enjoy with a spicy flavor.

7. Pallubasa

Pallubasa is also a very popular Makassar traditional food and many people like this one. Almost similar to Coto Makassar, Pallubasa is also a food with soup that uses beef meat.

There is also Pallubasa that uses offals. But you can choose to eat these foods that only use meat. In addition pallubasa is also usually served with the addition of egg yolks to add to its delicacy.

Lunch is perfect if you choose this menu. It’s so delicious, maybe you can eat until you have eaten some bowls of pallubasa. It is really good!

Makassar Culinary Tourism that Makes You Miss This City

So that’s it. Those are the Makassar traditional food. Don’t forget to taste the food above when you’re visiting Makassar. If you are looking for a place for photographs, you can also visit these 6 most exciting tourist attractions in Makassar. Don’t forget to order cheap hotels by using the application.