Makassar Souvenirs


The Most Popular Makassar Souvenirs to Bring Home

Makassar Souvenirs – Makassar City is one of the cities that has the busiest ports in Indonesia, especially the eastern part. This makes the city has so many visitors that come here. Beside that, the city of Makassar also has a series of attractions that will make you want to come here again and again.

This is a perfect city for you to make it as a vacation spot where you will find many tourist attractions that can be chosen such as the port of Paotere, Samalona Island, Fort Rotterdam, and many more. Not only the interesting places, there are also many handicrafts, natural products, and traditional foods that are very suitable for you to take home as Makassar souvenirs.

List of Typical Makassar Souvenirs

If you go on vacation to the city of Makassar, surely you want to buy something to take home as a souvenir. In addition to having many tourist attractions that must be visited, the city of Makassar also has a large selection of traditional Makassar souvenirs that you must bring home, both traditional food and handicrafts.

1. Toraja Coffee

Makassar Souvenirs

Even though it’s not close to Tana Toraja, but you can easily find one of the best coffee products in the city of Makassar. Toraja coffee is very famous and is one of the most desirable things from Sulawesi. Don’t forget to buy Toraja coffee as a Makassar souvenirs.

One of the most famous coffee types in the world grows in Indonesia, precisely in the Toraja plateau area. Located at an altitude of about 1,500 meters above sea level, Toraja is an ideal place to produce the best coffee beans. Toraja coffee has a distinctive taste that is sought after by coffee lovers.

2. Bugis Sarung and Fabric

Makassar Souvenirs

The next traditional Makassar souvenir is Bugis sarong. Sarong is one of the objects that are often used by the people of Makassar, especially Muslims. Sarong are objects that must be used by men to cover their lower part when performing prayers.

Bugis sarongs are sold at very affordable prices so you can buy large quantities for people at home. Besides that the motif and quality of the sarong are available in many choices so you can freely choose. Sarong are not only used for prayer, but you can also use it for blankets when the weather is cold.

3. Toraja Handicraft

Makassar Souvenirs

Beside the good taste of Toraja coffee, you can also buy Toraja handicrafts as a traditional Makassar souvenirs. The artistic side of Toraja never stops making people amazed. The craft is divided into several types, yet the most popular are carved and woven fabric. The traditional art and craft of Toraja are very easy to find in the city of Makassar.

4. Dates Cake

Snacks are also one of the most popular souvenir choices. Makassar City has a typical snack called dates cake. This snack is indeed not made using actual dates, but is so called because of its shape is similar to dates.

This snacks are made of flour, butter, eggs, and caramel dressing on the outside. The result is a cake with a shape resembling dates and a sweet and slightly savory taste because there are peanut crumbs too. This snacks are suitable to be chosen as Makassar souvenirs, especially for those of you who have to travel long distances to home because this snacks can last a pretty long time.

5. Banang-Banang

This Makassar souvenir can also be said as a cake or snack, and the name is banang-banang. This snack is one of the snacks typical of the of Makassar city. Banang-banang has a rather sweet and crunchy taste. Usually these snacks are served at weddings ceremony.

If you want to try this food, you can buy it at a traditional market or souvenir center that you can find on the roadside. If you are curious why this food is called banang-banang, this is because this food is like a “benang” or a thread in English.

6. Hiding Peanuts

The name of this food does sound funny and unique. Hiding peanuts? Yes, that’s right because this food is made from peanuts that then wrapped in flour. The dough is then fried dry so that the taste becomes savory and crispy.

If you like crunchy snacks, or people at home like salty snacks, then this hidden peanut is perfect choice to bring home as Makassar souvenir. This food is indeed very easy to make yourself at home. But if you buy directly from the city of its origin, then the taste can be different.

Interesting Souvenirs That Easy to Find

Interesting, right? The choice of typical Makassar souvenirs mentioned above. You do not need to be confused anymore to think of what souvenirs to bring home after going on vacation in Makassar. Beside the souvenirs, also don’t forget to visit these interesting tourist attractions in Makassar. Want to get cheap flight to Makassar? Order directly via